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Metaphysical meaning of Athlai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Athlai (mbd)
Athlai, ath'-lai (Heb.) contracted form of Athaliah. (See ATHALIAH for definitions.)

An Israelite who had returned from the Babylonian captivity and had taken a foreign wife. He gave up this wife later, in response to Ezra's command (Ezra 10:28).

Meta. A thought of spiritual exaltation, uplift. The history of Athlai reveals how the substance and energy of spiritual thought can be given over to sense affection (a foreign wife). Then through the activity of divine law they are restored to constructive use. (Athlai gave up his foreign wife, at the command of Ezra, and returned to the true worship of God.)

The law of Being is always working for man's ultimate good, though in the process, because of his ignorance and disobedience, man sometimes passes through bitter experiences. Then he thinks that God afflicts him (affliction of Jah), when the truth of the matter is that he has brought his troubles upon himself by living out of harmony with, and often in direct opposition to, the law of existence --God's law. Thus the very law that was intended to give life and peace is an afflicting and disintegrating power to those who work against it.

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