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Metaphysical meaning of Arumah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arumah (mbd)
Arumah, a-ru'-mah (Heb.)--height; exalted; elevated; on high.

A place near Shechem; it was the home of Abimelech, son of Gideon, for a time during his rule over Israel (Judg. 9:41)

Meta. The lifting up of the personal will and desire for leadership (height, exalted), guided by a destructive tendency without being directed by good judgment. (Gideon means destroyer; he was a destroyer of error and a deliverer of Israel. Abimelech, however, represents this destructive tendency without the good judgment that characterized his father, Gideon. Therefore, he destroyed his own brethren as well as some of Israel's enemies.)

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