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Metaphysical meaning of Amaziah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amaziah (mbd)
Amaziah, am-a-zl'-ah (Heb.)--Jehovah makes mighty; the Lord protects; strength of Jehovah.

a A king of Judah. He began his reign well, but after he had, by obedience to spiritual guidance, gained a victory over Edom, or Seir (the outer flesh consciousness), he set up the gods of Seir in his own land and worshiped them. Then the hand of the Lord, which had been with him, was turned against him. The remainder of his reign was troublesome, and finally he was killed by his subjects (II Kings 12:21; 14:1-20; II Chron. 25). b A priest of Bethel in the time of Jeroboam, king of Israel (Amos 7:10).

Meta. The overcoming strength that inheres in the will when it is established in Jehovah (Christ), when man's trust is in the Lord (strength of Jehovah). When the will admits into consciousness the error belief that strength and power are physical instead of spiritual, and begins to trust in the flesh instead of trusting in God, its strength begins to weaken and soon its reign comes to an end. The kingdom of Judah represents the inner life forces of man's organism, and its king, the will, should not utilize the inner vitality in outer sense ways. When it utilizes this inner vitality wrongly, it is setting up the gods of Seir and worshipping them.

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