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Metaphysical meaning of Ahban (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahban (mbd)
Ahban, äh'-ban (Heb.)--brother of intelligence; brother of understanding, i. e., wise, discreet.

Son of Abishur by Abihail; a Judahite (I Chron. 2:29).

Meta. The uniting (in consciousness) of strength and might to intelligence, or wisdom (brother of intelligence, wise, discreet). Abishur, father of Ahban, symbolizes a consciousness of strength brought about by uprightness and praise (Judah) while Abihail, mother of Ahban, signifies the idea that power and strength come from God and are spiritual qualities. When strength and power are unified with and express through wisdom, true wisdom being one with love, the individual grows in discretion and in strength of character; thus he is enabled more perfectly to avoid error and discern and express the good.

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