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Metaphysical meaning of Adoraim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Adoraim (mbd)
Adoraim, ad-o-ra'-;m (Heb.)--mounds, or dwellings; double mounds; double strength; double honor; strength of the sea.

One of the cities of Judah that Rehoboam fortified (II Chron. 11:9). The text reads as though Rehoboam built the cities mentioned in II Chronicles 11:6-9, but since most of these cities are mentioned in the Bible as having existed long before Rehoboam's time, it is evident that he only fortified them.

Meta. Adoraim was close to Hebron--the seat of conscious thought. The idea that is conveyed by the meaning of Adoraim (double mounds, double honor, mounds or dwellings) is double-mindedness. When the conscious thoughts of man are guided and ruled by a high, spiritual idea, honor and strength are given to the things of Spirit; but when the city is fortified by Rehoboam, who represents that in man's consciousness which exalts the senses, the animal man is lifted up in place of the true understanding of God and His righteousness. Thus the strength of this state of consciousness, which the city of Adoraim signifies, is as the strength of the sea --it is unstable and shifting, until the sense man becomes fully subject to the spiritual. Then all its forces will become stabilized, and constructive only.

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