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See Me Beautiful by Red Grammer

See me Beautiful by Red Grammer

Hi Friends-

The song I am about to introduce to you changed my life twenty-five years ago. I want to share the story with you.

The girls were in their carseats in the back of the car. We were on our way to see mom and dad, who lived about thirty miles away. It was a warm summer day. I was especially enjoying the drive because the car was brand new. We were all looking forward to a big dinner with the family.

The girls were enjoying their strawberry Slurpies. Red Grammer's Teaching Peace was playing in the cassette player. Red began to sing "See Me Beautiful" which has lovely lyrics about seeing the best in people.

See me Beautiful by Red Grammer

I looked back and saw red, strawberry syrup all over the kids. Red, strawberry syrup all over their clothes. Red, strawberry syrup all over the carseats. And red, strawberry syrup all over the back seats of our brand new Oldsmobile.

At that very moment, in the quiet of my own mind, I heard both my girls singing the words "See Me Beautiful" to me.

Since then, nearly every time I have been challenged as a father, I have been saved by the words of Red and Kathy Grammer, reminding me that my daughters want nothing more from me than for me to see them beautiful. I am always thankful for this song. It made me a better father.

Go here to hear Red Grammer sing this beautiful song.

Mark Hicks