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Santa's Greatest Gift by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

Santa's Greatest Gift by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

Recognize and Honor Your Child's Beautiful Spirit

Hi Friends-

Learn the truth about Santa and the truth about yourself in this enlightening letter from Santa Claus himself

Rebecca wrote to me:

Santa's Greatest Gift [is] a letter from Santa to a child who has just learned that Santa is not "real." It's technically a children's book, but adults may appreciate it more than the kids do. It fits with Unity philosophy (I've presented it in services several times), and if you want to put that on Truth Unity you are welcome to do that. This book is also a free ebook on iBooks, and on my website I have a downloadable pdf that can be printed out and made into a book that can be given to kids.

I made my Santa book free because I'm not really marketing my books too much lately and I would rather have people read it free than not read it at all. So I appreciate your model of offering teachings on a love offering basis.

Blessings to you, Rebecca

This is a special book. I know it will bless you.
Mark Hicks