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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions asked about the Fillmore Bible Society and the Fillmore Study Bible.

  • How can I get a copy? You will soon (by the end of July 2023) be able to order it online. Check back here. We don’t have a printed supply for wholesale in Unity bookstores, but that will be a high priority in July/August.
  • Why isn’t it on Amazon? For several reasons, the primary one being that I’d rather see it support real booksellers and publishers instead of the supporting the Amazon machine. Amazon actually refused to list an earlier version for the Gospel of John because I have placed much of it online at TruthUnity.
  • It’s expensive. It’s expensive because it’s on demand printing, it’s 750 pages and it’s in color. Our take after printing and publishing cost is about $10 for each copy.
  • I found some typos. Send them to me. This is the 2023 printed edition. Our intention is to come out with a 2024 printed edition next Christmas that has corrections and improvements and to continue that process of releasing a new edition each year. The online content will be updated right away.
  • I am not in North America. Barnes & Noble is a North American bookseller that might not be able to serve worldwide. I would be grateful for those of you outside of North America to guide me in selecting an online bookseller or publisher in your region. Also, I will soon provide the downloadable PDFs in A4 format.
  • How can I support this work? If you wish to donate to this project, send it to TruthUnity and be sure to tell me by email that it’s for the Fillmore Bible Society. The FBS ministry isn’t yet off the ground, but we’re meeting soon to get that started.
  • How can I become a member? You become a member by contributing some annotations. Go here to learn how. Then contact me if you want to help with the Old Testament.
  • Can I share this with others? Yes, you can but there are some restrictions. See the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License for more information. Contact us if you need more.
  • Will there be an NRSV version? We hope so. But that version will require royalties and will not be as freely distributed as we are now doing with the World English Bible version.
  • How do you create these books? The PDF files are generated by running bash shell scripts that compile a common codebase of HTML with different style sheets for web and print. If you know what that means, then I’ll be happy to share with you more information. If you have those skills and you want to help then becoming the technical lead for the Fillmore Bible Society might offer a way for you to support the Unity movement for a long time to come.