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The Fillmore Bible Society

The Fillmore Bible Society are collaborators who comb through dozens of metaphysical books written by Charles Fillmore and his students as well as over 70 years of Fillmore articles and sermons for metaphysical insights into the Bible. They edit and submit these insights as short annotations which are then applied to the text of the text of the World English Bible, a contemporary-language update of the American Standard Version of the Bible, both online and in print.

This collaboration project is managed by TruthUnity Ministries, which is the publisher of The Fillmore Study Bible. In time the Fillmore Bible Society will become free-standing with its own board, Editorial staff and peer-review committee.

Members of the Fillmore Bible Society include:

Rev. Dan Beckett Rev. Dan Beckett. Mark, Colossians.

Rev. Lisa Herklotz and Rev Jim Ernstsen Rev. Lisa Herklotz and Rev Jim Ernstsen. Revelation to John.

Mark Hicks Rev. Mark Hicks. General Editor. John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians 1.

Mary Salama Mary Salama. Matthew, Corinthians 2, Thessalonians 1 & 2, Timothy 1 & 2, Titus, Peter 1 & 2, Jude.

Thomas Scheinler Thomas Scheinler. Acts, Galatians.

Susan St. John Susan St John. Hebrews.

Rev. Michelle Vargas Rev. Michelle Vargas. Luke.

The Fillmore Study Bible

The Fillmore Study Bible provides the reader with an introduction to metaphysical Bible interpretation by offering annotations and commentary from the works of Charles Fillmore and his students. Many Bible students learn their theology by reading the annotations and commentary of study Bibles. Study Bibles have a theological point of view, typically Catholic, Evangelical or Mainline Protestant. The Fillmore Study Bible makes this method of study available to the Metaphysical Christian.

Metaphysical Christianity is an authentic and distinct expression of the historic Christian faith that acknowledges and embraces the influence of Platonic and Stoic Greek philosophy in the early development of Christian theology. Much of this influence has been suppressed in orthodox Bible commentaries because metaphysical interpretation relies on an inner knowingness as authority for spiritual matters. The annotations included here embrace inner knowingness as authority.

This study bible uses the World English Bible translation, which is a contemporary-language update of the bible used by Charles Fillmore, the American Standard Version. The language of the WEB is not American nor British, but contemporary, world English, making the text pleasant to read for the broadest possible audience of global English speakers. The WEB differs from several contemporary-language translations by not adopting gender neutral language but it has provided footnotes when gender neutral language would be appropriate.

We believe that our present day culture of information, science and technology is ready to restore to it's spiritual teachings the perspectives of original thinkers who gave us not only mathematics, ethics, democracy and medicine, but also deep insights into the inner world of soul and Divine mind—the Greek metaphysicians. We also believe that contemporary Christianity needs a contemporary, global interpretation applied to a contemporary, global biblical text. The Fillmore Study Bible is our offering for addressing these spiritual needs.