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Fifty Ministries You Can Launch in 2023

Mark Hicks

Hi Friends —

So you want to do ministry? What it will take on your part is a commitment to host one interactive meeting per month, for one hour, for twelve months, online, freely available to all. If your church will “sponsor” you by listing your meeting or class on its website, I will list you on the TruthUnity Events page.

I am convinced that:

  1. the the unserved flock is online,
  2. they are seeking one-on-one engagement with ministers who can help them with real world problems,
  3. micro-ministries such as these fifty provide an unlimited opportunity for those who wish to serve without requiring substantial financial resources, bureaucracy or social status,
  4. existing congregational ministries will be discovered by the micro-ministries they sponsor,
  5. and this process represents the opportunity for a new awakening for metaphysical Christianity.

Here are fifty micro-ministries you can launch in 2023:

  1. Your Appetite is Spiritual
  2. Restoring Trust in Relationships
  3. Letting Go of Judgment
  4. Exploring the Hymnal and Sacred Song
  5. Finding Romance in Golden Years
  6. Spiritual Dimensions of Mental Illness
  7. How to Conduct One-on-One Ministry
  8. The Power of Positive Psychology
  9. Les Amis de Unity (French language)
  10. Metaphysical Pet Ministry
  11. Releasing Resentment
  12. Welcoming Teenagers
  13. Writing Your Credo
  14. Spiritual Travel Destinations
  15. Healthy Hospitality for Unity Churches
  16. Forgiving Your Minister
  17. Reconnecting with Adult Children
  18. Spiritual Cinema Discussions
  19. Religion and Politics
  20. Writing Your Memoir
  21. Welcoming Church Visitors
  22. Healing the Parent Wound
  23. Starting a Metaphysical Bible/Book Study Group
  24. The Language of Listening
  25. Basics of Running a Church Bookstore
  26. Healing for Hypochondriacs
  27. Exploring Past Life Memories
  28. Sleeping Like a Puppy
  29. Friday Night Fillmore Fellowship
  30. Marketing the Church in Your Community
  31. Using Applications for Bible Study
  32. Talking to Children About God
  33. Overcoming Leadership Anxiety
  34. Crafting Affirmations for Others
  35. Zoom for the Clueless
  36. Managing Your Minister
  37. Ministering to Shut-ins
  38. Praying With Cancer
  39. How to Talk About Unity with Friends and Family
  40. Overcoming Spiritual Abuse
  41. Taming the Tiger of Anger
  42. New Directions for Empty Nesters
  43. Discerning Your Ministry
  44. Praying with the Psalms
  45. Unity Prison Ministry
  46. Supporting Families of Inmates
  47. So You Want To Be a Minister?
  48. Caring for Our Bodies
  49. Dealing With the Boy Crisis
  50. Love for the Broken-Hearted

One hundred years ago, an unmarried pregnant teenager went to her minister. Today she goes online. One hundred years ago, an unfaithful husband went to his priest. Today he goes online. The same is true of those with incarcerated family members, who are unemployed, are estranged from their children, are aged, obese, hyper or unable to sleep, are abused by others with power, are depressed, chemically addicted or mentally ill, are friendless, homeless or alone, are filled with fear, grief or resentment, who hide from shame and guilt and who have loved and are broken-hearted.

The unserved flock is online. Let me repeat: the unserved flock is online. Those who come to your church are fine people, but they aren’t the unserved flock. Instead, they are the interested flock, the friendly flock. They are friendly and interested, but they don’t need your church.

Those in your church are disciples. Disciples are not served; rather disciples are sent out. Jesus sent his disciples to the cities and towns where the unserved were found. He never demanded that they come to him. We must do the same. We must train our church congregants, our retired ministers, and our Licensed Unity Teachers to offer micro-ministry meetings and classes that serve and minister to the unserved flock.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, December 11, 2022


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