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Event and Class Submission Form

Help for this Event Submission Form

Unity Events and Classes on TruthUnity

This form sends in the details of your event and lets me easily add it to the listing. Before you proceed, please read About Unity Events and Classes on the Events page. Here is information about each field:

Ministry. In the middle of the form is a drop down box labeled "Ministry." Click on it and make sure your sponsoring ministry is listed. If it is not listed then you need to email me with your ministry name and website address. You can't submit an event until this is done.

Name. Email. Phone #. These fields let me know how to contact you. They do not appear on any public page.

Event title. The preferred format is something like "Lessons in Truth by Rev. Alice Johns." Keep it short.

Street Location or Zoom Link. If it is onsite, we need an address that will be findable by Google maps. That lets people put it in their GPS. If it is online, then we need a way for people to access the class. Something like: "Zoom. Click below for instructions" or "Zoom. Email for link" or just a zoom link: ""

Start date. Start. End. Enter the date and time using the Eastern time zone. So if it is held at 3pm Central time, enter "4:00 PM". Please do not select "All day." We need a start and stop time for each day's event.

Repeat. If the class is repeated, be sure to provide an end date.

Ministry. Start typing the sponsoring ministry name and you will see that the list collapses. This field is required. If your ministry is not listed, then select "TruthUnity Ministries" and then send an email to to let him know. All listings must have a sponsoring ministry.

Minister. The name of the minister or teacher who leads this event or class. This field is required.

Event Access. Select On Site or Online. If it is On Site, then the Street Location above must have a valid street location that Google maps can locate.

Event Type. Select at least one category that best characterizes the group. A second category may be needed but please do not select too many.

Cost. The default is "Love Offering" but other things are suitable, such as "Suggested Love Offering: $10-$20/session" or "Suggested Love Offering: $10 per class or $75 for the 8 session series".

Web Link. This must be a valid web page on the website of the sponsoring ministry that has more information.

Description. Be sure to put the most important information at the top because many of the displays will cut it off at some point, such as 300 words. 4-5 sentences is ideal. What you put here is "searchable." So your class provides CEUs be sure to add that so people who are looking for CEU credit fill find it.

Photo. All listings will need a photograph. I will crop and size it to be square and 150 pixels. I'll look to your ministry site and other sources for a suitable photo. Send me a photo if you wish.