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The Bright Side Podcast with Bernard Dozier

Episode 11—Handle Negativity Without Fear

Bernard Dozier The Bright Side blog and podcast

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Handle Negativity Without Fear

By Bernard Dozier

The spiritual or heavenly realm is a changeless one, but Spirit’s vibratory energies become polarized as they get down into the Third Dimension... and change becomes the norm in the material realm that we’re living in.

In this world polarization provides power. Electricity is positive and negative. Batteries have positive and negative poles. The North and South Poles modulate the magnetic energies of the earth. God has no opposite, but on our Third Dimension everything has an opposite.

Polarized things are actually complimentary energies rather than opposite energies. Male and female aren’t totally opposite, but the energy that they generate is creative. Like the old saying, “It takes two to tango.” And you wouldn’t go to the auto parts store and buy a car battery that had only one pole...because it would generate no power.

Positive and negative polarity makes things work, but when people focus on negatives, life becomes unpleasant and unworkable.

This is why the Bible says to look to God only. It’s why the self-help books say, “Think positively.” But, we can’t totally ignore the negativity either. It’s like when I go to the kitchen to cook dinner. I know I’m going to make a good, nourishing dinner, but I also know the kitchen is going to get messy.

If I did nothing, there would be no mess, but there wouldn’t be any dinner either. Even when we’re trying to do good, we can make a mess.

Fighting negatives gives them power, but blinding ourselves to negatives leaves us disempowered. So, I say don’t ignore the negatives. Be aware of them, but don’t be consumed by them.

Negative energy swirled around Jesus, and He was totally aware of it, but He simply stayed focused on what God wanted Him to do. Do what’s yours to do. If you need to cook dinner, cook it. If the kitchen needs to be cleaned up, do that.

Jesus’ attitude was, “Don’t be overcome by evil; overcome evil with good.” If life hands you lemons, you know that you can make a delicious beverage with them.