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The Bright Side Podcast with Bernard Dozier

Bernard Dozier Unity Podcast

Welcome to The Bright Side Podcast with Bernard Dozier, a “country Methodist who found the light”, according to Catherine Ponder. Bernard has not only spent decades searching for the Light, but he shares the light he has found in his books, his blog and, now his podcast.

Dr. Ponder writes, “These posts are filled with down-home humor and experiences, but in them one finds the wisdom of the ages: from Lord Byron to Charles Fillmore. It’s all there: the world’s finest thinkers, philosophers and poets.”

Bernard sends out a blog post most weekends and on special days like this 4th of July. But for us on TruthUnity, he has produced an audio recording of his message and it is now available as a podcast. Think of each episode as a short, witty, 5-to-7 minute sermonette filled with wisdom and charm. You can click through to listen now or you can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher to have it automatically downloaded on your mobile phone for listening in the car, while waiting for lunch or while walking the dog.

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Podcast Episode Date Podcast Episode Title
The Bright Side 15 2019-09-30 The Soul's Gold Standard
The Bright Side 14 2019-09-23 God Voided the Void
The Bright Side 13 2019-09-16 Sleep Keeps Us Anchored to Spirit
The Bright Side 12 2019-09-09 What It Means To Bless
The Bright Side 11 2019-09-02 Handle Negativity Without Fear
The Bright Side 10 2019-08-26 What's It All About?
The Bright Side 9 2019-08-19 What Nots
The Bright Side 8 2019-08-12 Self-reliance, Dependency, and God-reliance
The Bright Side 7 2019-08-05 Living With Invisibility
The Bright Side 4 2019-07-15 Don't Toss The Bible Out Just Yet
The Bright Side 3 2019-07-08 Eternity's Doorstep
The Bright Side 2 2019-07-04 Independence Day...A Lesson for America
The Bright Side 1 2019-06-09 Examining Concepts: Sin and the Devil