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Live Youthfully Now front cover

Live Youthfully Now

Russell A. Kemp


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Ever-renewing Youth

I have laid aside the gray old garments of the past;
Since my mind is a mental lung
I now breathe out the false beliefs of age,
And breathe in strength
From the ever-renewing airs of Spirit.

I look forward to something better,
Not backward to something better;
I am still growing, therefore I am young.

I associate myself with the youth of my life-force,
Which is born and renewed with my latest breath;
Therefore I am no older than my latest breath!

I breathe in strength from the in-rolling waves of Spirit.
I identify myself with the Spirit and not with its outward forms;
Time and change therefore become my allies and servants,
Not my masters.

The fictitious record of earthly years
Concerns me no more than it does the tides, or the air,
Or the strength of the sun.

The hour and day when my earthly form saw the
Have nothing to do with my enjoyment of life-force.
It is when my mind sees the light that matters!

For I am Spirit. I identify myself with Spirit.
I need not think “I am youth” —
I know it!

On Finding a Note Dated Several Years Before

Years are but masks
With which I clothe my thought;
I think a thought and hang it on a peg
And label it as this or that, in time.
The label on the peg is made by me;
It does not make me old or make me young.

That which I am endures as changeless life,
And I can think for endless eons of time
Without its changing me or aging me —
Unless I let my labels frighten me!
Then, through belief, I fear . . .
Because I fear the labels on the pegs
Which I have made!

Shall I bow down before my own conceits?
Shall I believe false concepts of the years,
And fall in fear before my own past thoughts?

No! I am life itself!
I made the labels,
I hung them on the pegs, and numbered them;
Can I not take them off And tear them up?
I think I will . . .
For so I have the power
To do!

Meditation for Abundant Life

“He himself gives to all men life and breath and everything ... for in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:25, 28).

Think of life as the silent, harmonious, peaceful activity of God’s physical presence: always creating, producing, promoting, growing, causing to come into production, bringing to birth, causing to come to maturity all of God’s perfect ideas that need to be produced, according to His will.

God is life, abundant, omnipresent, eternal. I am alive with God.

I am one with this life, abundant, omnipresent, eternal. I am alive with God.

I have fullness of life now, because I realize that I live in an energizing sea of abundant, omnipresent, eternal life. I am alive with God.

I reject, I refuse, I deny the race belief that my life is limited to threescore years and ten. God is my life, and God is eternal, unchanging, and abiding. “From everlasting to everlasting, I change not,” says God’s life within me. I am alive with God.

I refuse to entertain any thought of weakness, sickness, or death. I refuse to believe in old age, decay, or limitation. In God I live, move, and have my being, and God is life. I am alive with God.

I think of my life as spiritual, and every faculty quickens with new life. I am alive with God.

My life will never wane, because I keep in the consciousness of life as Spirit. I am alive with God.

I think life, I talk life, I see myself filled with the glory of life, and my body shows forth the glory of God. I am alive with God.

I accept in faith now the fact that “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” I am alive with God.

(Based in part on Theodosia DeWitt Schobert’s book Divine Remedies (Lee’s Summit, Mo; (Unity School of Christianity)