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The Philocalia of Origen

Origen of Alexandria
Christ Pantocrator Hagia Sophia


The Philocalia of Origen is a collection of the twenty-seven remaining writings of Origen, preserved over the centuries by Eastern Orthodox theologians, assembled and published in Greek in 1883 as The Philocalia of Origen (Love of Beauty) and translated and published in English in 1911. A PDF of the 1911 book is downloadable here (thanks to The Internet Archive) and I have digitized and made a downloadable page for chapter 1: Of the Inspiration of the Divine Scripture. See the menu to the right (in web browsers) and above (in mobile devices).

So there are 22 chapters left to digitize and comment on. I will do that as the need arises for research and understanding about the history of metaphysical Christianity. If you find a chapter in the PDF that is particularly relevant to you, please email me and share your insight.


Download a PDF of The Philocalia of Origen (1911)

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