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Manual of Christian Healing - OSL Handbook (1956)

Manual of Christian Healing - OSL Handbook 1956 cover by John Gaynor Banks

Dear Friends -

Here is Manual of Christian Healing, a 1956 handbook from the Order of St. Luke (OSL), an interdenominational healing ministry founded by John Gayner Banks. The handbook is important because on page 59 you will see reference to Truth That Heals, a publication that the OSL was using.

John Gayner Banks studied with Emma Curtis Hopkins and the handbook describes how deeply the Christian Healing Movement drew from her book High Mysticism. Here is the text of what is found on page 59:

By The Founder of The Order of St. Luke

The latest Study Course offered by Dr. John Gayner Banks. Contains a series of Deep Studies in High Mysticism, necessary to the more advanced student.

This Course contains a condensed summary of the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins, including her Twelve Studies of High Mysticism—more commonly known as the “The High Watch”. It also Contains “Self Treatments” by E. C. H. formerly given only to private students. The object of this Course is to give serious students a genuine grasp of the principles of real Metaphysical Healing, without requiring them to give up their orthodox allegiance.

Lesson Titles:

  • I. The Church and Metaphysical Healing. Need for a fresh orientation.
  • II. Introducing Emma Curtis Hopkins and “The High Watch”. Repentance — Remission —- Forgiveness.
  • III. Faith — Works — Illumination — Ministry — The Real Self.
  • IV. The Law Within — Fruits of Joy in The Heart.
  • V. The Power of Stated Inward Convictions—Healing through Visioning The Kingdom of Heaven.
  • VI. Self Treatments (Techniques for Advancing students).

This Complete Course, printed in large bold type, with artistic binding and frontispiece portrait of the Founder, OSL., sent postpaid for $7.50. Address orders to St. Luke’s Press, 2243 Front Street, San Diego 1, California.

Manual of Christian Healing - OSL Handbook 1956 cover by John Gaynor Banks

Today is my 67th birthday. Thank all of you for your Facebook messages, text messages and phone calls. Marika and I will go swimming this afternoon. Then she will cook some fish and we plan to watch Knives Out. For my birthday, I would very much like to have a copy of Truth That Heals. You will make my day if you have a copy or know where I may find one.

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Mark Hicks
Saturday, June 27, 2020

Manual of Christian Healing - OSL Handbook 1956 cover by John Gaynor Banks

Manual of Christian Healing - OSL Handbook 1956
by John Gaynor Banks

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