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The New Thought Simplified (Home)

The New Thought Simplified by Henry Wood title page

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Henry Wood (1902)


It frequently has been said that presentations of the New Thought are made in terms not readily intelligible to beginners. In the nature of the case, it is not easy to set forth a psychological and idealistic system so that it shall be lucid to all.

It is also true that there is a decided though often unconscious inclination among the exponents of any movement to fall into a mannerism which is distinctive. Writers upon the New Thought are no exception to this rule.

In this volume, the author does not claim to be exempt from such a tendency, but simplicity is his earnest aim. It is hoped that many who heretofore have been prevented from a careful investigation of the New Thought may be able to grasp much of its inner spirit and substance through an attentive perusal of these pages.

A plain rehearsal of the foundation principles is followed by some comments upon their relation to other systems. An Appendix is added containing a few suggestive lessons in the most practical and experimental form.

H. W.


  1. “It Whistles Itself”
  2. Thought Habit
  3. Thought Selection
  4. The Laws of Life
  5. How to Get Into the New Thought
  6. Two Different Minds in One
  7. “Agree with Thine Adversary Quickly”
  8. The Comely Human Body
  9. Faith
  10. The Right Idea of God
  11. Do Years Count
  12. Fear
  13. Avoid Extremes
  14. All in One
  15. Scientific Prayer
  16. The Overcoming of Sleeplessness
  17. Conscious and Unconscious Varieties of Faith Cure
  18. The New Thought and Hygiene
  19. The New Thought and the Church
  20. The New Thought and the Bible
  21. The New Thought and Christian Science
  22. The New Thought and Modern Reforms
  23. The New Thought and the Medical Profession
  24. Appendix: Mental and Spiritual Gymnastic Exercises