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Geneviève Behrend: How To Make Nature Respond To You

Geneviève Behrend author of Your Invisible Power

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Your Invisible Power
Geneviève Behrend

Published 1921, First Edition

How To Make Nature Respond To You
Chapter 14

It should be steadily borne in mind that there is an intelligence and power in all nature and all space that is always creative and infinitely sensitive and responsive. The responsiveness of its nature is two-fold: it is creative and amenable to suggestion. Once the human understanding grasps this all-important fact, it realizes the simplicity of the law of life.

All that is necessary is to realize that your mind is a center of Divine operation, and consequently contains that within itself which accepts suggestions, and expect all life to respond to your call, and you will find suggestions which tend to the fulfillment of your desire coming to you, not only from your fellowmen, but also from the flowers, the grass, the trees and the rocks which will enable you to fulfill your heart’s desire, if you act upon them in confidence on this physical plane. “Faith without works is dead,” (James 2:14) but Faith with Works sets you absolutely free.