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God A Present Help (1912 Edition)

The best book on Metaphysical Christianity available today

God A Present Help book cover - 1912 Edition

Hi Friends,

We have three books from Emilie Cady. The first book, now known as How I Used Truth, is a collection of her earliest writings. The second book, Lessons in Truth, was requested by the Fillmores and heavily promoted by Unity. Its content has also been reworked by Unity editors in several significant ways.

After Emilie Cady’s success with Lessons In Truth, she did no writing until 1906-1909, when she published several articles and a third book, God a Present Help. It is this third book that I believe to be her best writing and the best summary of Metaphysical Christianity available today.

It is unclear why Unity declined to publish the book but one would presume it was because the last chapter challenged Charles Fillmore’s assertions about immortality and reincarnation. Unity would eventually publish the book — twenty-six years later, in 1938, the year before she died, and without the controversial final chapter.

The 1912 edition is the one which is given here as a PDF file. It includes the controversial ninth chapter, The Life Beyond, where Emilie presented her view of the afterlife, which is quite different from Charles Fillmore’s.

God A Present Help book cover - 1912 Edition

I was not aware of this 1912 edition for many years. It can be hard to find. So I am printing up several hundred copies of this 1912 edition to give away. I go to the printer this week and it may be a few weeks before they arrive.

I will send you a free copy if you have a United States postal service mailing address. CLICK HERE to let me know you would like one. If you enter the same email address that I am using for this email, then it will help match things up in my records. Most important, please be very careful to give me an accurate US Postal Address.

Just reply to this email if you have questions. As I said, it may be a few weeks before I get them from the printer, but know that the book is on the way.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, January 8, 2023


Something for auditory learners and those with vision impairment

Mark Hicks, Unity Minister

Hi Friends,

Last week I offered to send anyone with a United States postal address a free copy of Emilie Cady’s God a Present Help, 1912 edition. Would you like an audio version?

What’s new is that I’ve found a way to share natural, human voice recordings of things that until now have only been available as text. That is important because in just the past few months several people have shared with me that they have vision impairments that make reading text difficult or impossible.

I’m devoting this morning’s post to ask for your feedback, especially if you also have difficulty reading text. I need to know how it’s working.

Scroll down, and you will see links to audio files of the nine chapters of Emilie Cady’s book. If you click on the arrow at the start of the link you should begin to hear an natural, human voice reading the text of Emilie’s writings. The link also lets you download an MP3 file of the audio, which lets you play it in from your computer.

The audio file is produced by Amazon Polly, which is one of the best text-to-speech services available. And it just so happens that I use another Amazon Web service to serve up digital files on TruthUnity. So it was fairly easy for me to generate these audio files.

Many of you will be surprised to hear such a natural human voice in these audio files. The technology isn't new, but it's been perfected in recent years. I'm not predicting anything, but my hunch is that many people will begin to listen more than they read.

Regardless, if you are vision impaired, or if you just like listening more than reading, please listen to some of these files and send me feedback. Getting your feedback is the only way I can know if it’s working for you.

Thanks so much,

Mark Hicks
Sunday, January 15, 2023

Download a PDF copy of God A Present Help 1912 Edition

Listen/Download Audio to God A Present Help 1912 Edition:

Chapter 1 – Tidings of Great Joy

Chapter 2 – The Will of God

Chapter 3 – Life More Abundant

Chapter 4 – Christ in You

Chapter 5 – Faith

Chapter 6 – Giving and Forgiving

Chapter 7 – Power in the Name of Jesus Christ

Chapter 8 – Life a Ministry

Chapter 9 – The Life Beyond

Go here for the 1938 edition.

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