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Charles Braden — Spirits in Rebellion

Charles Braden Speaks at Unity

Charles Braden Spirits in Rebellion

Here is correspondence between Charles Braden and Unity School regarding his book, Spirits in Rebellion. This is important because it gives insight into the cordial relationship Braden had with the Fillmores and also because it shows what concerned the Fillmores, particularly regarding the earlier 1939 Dissertation by James Teener.

Download a PDF of Braden-Unity correspondence regarding Spirits in Rebellion.

Download a PDF of publicity for Charles Braden's speaking at Unity Village.

Here is the text of the publicity for Braden’s speaking at Unity:

Dr. Charles Braden, distinguished educator and author, taught for 27 years at Northwestern University, where he served as Professor and Chairman of the Department of History and Literature of Religions. He then taught at Scripps College, Perkins School of Theology and Iliff School of Theology. Among his many popular books are The World Religions, These Also Believe, The Scriptures of Mankind, Christian Science Today, Spirits in Rebellion. He is a candid, warm, and humorous speaker.


  • Oct. 6 "Cults in Color" (Father Divine, Peace Movement, and Black Muslims)
  • Oct. 11 "Desert Saints, Yesterday and Today" (Latter Day Saints)
  • Oct. 13 "As the Spirit Moves" (Pentecostal, Nazarenes , etc.)
  • Oct. 18 "Militant Millennium Christianity" (Jehovah's Witnesses)
  • Oct. 20 "Christians on the Left" (Unitarian-Universalists and other liberal groups)
  • Oct. 25 "Religions of the Inner Light" (Quakers and others in mystical wing of Christianity)
  • Oct. 27 "Religion and Healing" (Christian Science)