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The Inner Core — Creating the Prototype

The Inner Core front cover

The Inner Core

Robert L. Marshall

Chapter 8 — Creating the Prototype

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A friend of mine, Joyce, was the executive assistant to the project manager in charge of creating a viable solar generator to be used to power a normal household. Her boss had brainstormed a unit using available cutting-edge technology combined with some new concepts of his own.

After designing the entire unit on paper, the parent company agreed the design had real possibilities. The company gave the project the funding necessary to create a prototype. A working model was needed to determine how to mass-produce these units.

This first model was painstakingly created with each little problem that arose solved at each stage of development.

It took the form of a 16-foot-diameter ball constructed in geodesic-dome style combined with a parabolic reflector. The reflector used a tracking device to move it throughout the day so that it constantly concentrated the sun’s rays through a thick quartz window into the center of the ball.

The 16-foot ball was heavily insulated and held a certain alloy of metal that would melt under the high heat conveyed by the parabolic reflector. The alloy would hold this heat and slowly release it as the metal returned from liquid to solid form. Thus it stored and released the sun’s heat energy over a period of time.

The project manager personally held five patents on the prototype, a couple of which related to the special combination of metals that produced the most efficient results for storing and releasing heat.

The heat slowly released was harnessed to run a small steam turbine that could produce enough electricity to run a normal household.

Once the prototype was completed, the testing began. The unit proved quite successful at generating the necessary electricity. Surprisingly enough, it proved equally successful at storing the heat. Once fully activated, the molten metallic solution was capable of releasing its heat slowly enough to continue to power its generator for up to thirty consecutive cloudy days. Though large and unwieldy, the prototype operated exceptionally well.

The only drawback was cost. The prototype had cost s200,000. However, the project manager believed that with improvements and mass production, the price could be cut to a tenth or a twentieth of what it cost to build the prototype. He was working on design refinements and brainstorming smaller units that could be adapted to other uses, like powering cars, when all the funding got pulled, and the project was abandoned. Joyce and her boss found themselves unemployed.

It seems that a large conglomerate with an emphasis on products involved in the current production of mass electricity had acquired the parent company. Shortly those in charge of company profits decided that this project did not warrant the financial support it needed to go forward. It was ordered abandoned.

A Spiritual Prototype

I tell this story because if you are drawn to the spiritual exploration of the “inner core,” you are part of a research group dedicated to creating a prototype of the spiritual potential for the next millennium. You are willing to use your life to develop a spiritual potential that (imperfect as your working model may be) will be refined and absorbed almost effortlessly by whole generations that will follow.

The challenges of the prototype are the same in spiritual realms as they are in technical development. A real spiritual breakthrough, like its technological counterpart, will be costly. It will require extensive time and effort and the dedication of the most valuable commodity we have to offer—our lifetime. It takes a lot of ingenuity, tenacity, and patience to create the first of anything.

Using currently available cutting-edge concepts and some of our own ingenuity, we will awaken and harness spiritual energies only fantasized about thus far. Each small step will seem tedious and present problems to be solved. Finally, with the awakening of a new spiritual potential, we enter the testing phase. We must explore the limits of our working model.

The enemy of serious spiritual breakthrough is the same one encountered by our friends pioneering in solar energy. The needs of the “status quo” can be so demanding as to choke off the time and energy necessary to create breakthrough. When the world floods our life with an array of pressing demands, it cuts our funding for the advanced prototype project.

Our job is to beat the odds—to defy the sleep that defends our human nature against the onslaught of our divine nature. It is time for the slave of physical limitation to become its master. But do not believe this role reversal will come without pain. The world as we know it will resist. Human limitation will savagely defend its authority. Spiritual freedom and our divine inheritance will be won with unyielding commitment and endurance each step of the journey.

Changing the whole way humanity relates to the Earth will not be easy. Just changing the level at which a few of us interact with our earthly lives will consume all the energy we have to give. Results may be slow in coming. What small freedoms we can gain may seem to come at a high price. But we came into this life to sail the transition from one age of human expression into another. Spiritual freedom is the only gift we can offer our children and our children’s children.

In 1975 I attended a show at the Miami Planetarium that followed the stars through the evolution of human beings on this planet. We entered the domed auditorium and leaned back in our chairs to gaze at the ceiling; someone dimmed the lights. At the flip of a switch, a technician powered up a huge complicated machine that cast laser-projected stars onto a night sky above us.

The creators of this show had projected the flow of the stars back through history and prehistory to give us the clear vision of a night sky at the dawn of humanity. The presentation progressed by moving the stars forward to show us a typical night sky at the advent of each new subspecies of humankind.

The narrator described the evolution of the human species, progressing through Homo erectus, Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon man, and other subspecies along the way to modern man, Homo sapiens. We hit a few night skies during critical times along the journey of modern man. The show seemed to climax with an extensive description of the night sky of the present day accompanied by a description of the new awareness and technological breakthroughs accomplished by modern man.

Just when we thought it was over, the narrator took us a step further, projecting the stars into the future—the next millennium. He began to outline the new dramatic breakthroughs in inner energies that would change the whole way the species functions in this world. He suggested that new powers were beginning to emerge within the human mind.

A New Species

With the increase of psychic phenomena, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, and even the power of prayer on plants, the narrator submitted that we were at the crest of another major unexplained leap forward in human consciousness. The human experience was entering into new awareness and new potentials that could elevate the expression of the species so far above modern man’s perceptions, as to equal the leap from Neanderthal man to modern man.

The show ended with the narrator’s declaring that we may well be living during an era when the Homo sapiens species is metamorphosing into something greater. Possibly the leap covers so much territory as to warrant a new label, “Homo illuminous.”

This planetarium show has stuck in my memory all of these years because I believe that it captured the true excitement of the era in which we live. The technological revolution, the information society, all the new electronic toys, even the advent of space travel are small stakes compared to the new frontier dawning on humankind from within.

Spiritual exploration is not about a few people getting ahead by tapping higher energies within. It’s not about personal advancement. It’s about the whole human species and our appointment with a higher destiny.

We are the vanguard of a new human species. An example was given to us by Jesus Christ. It has been fixed into our race consciousness during the last two millennia. The seed has germinated. The desire has been sown into our hearts. Our job is to push that first sprout through the hard-packed soil of human life as we have known it.

We will likely not see the beauty of the plant reaching blossom while in our present physical bodies. Under the direction of Jesus Christ and all the great beings of Light that caretake this planet, we have the privilege of sprouting the awareness of the new human consciousness, a consciousness of divine Sonship and Daughtership. The real glory of what we help to spawn will probably not mature for several generations to come. We have the privilege of hearing and answering a call extended to all humanity everywhere. Our meager efforts will be our gift to human history.

Two thousand years ago, the Christ entered the Earth and the consciousness of Homo sapiens as one powerful, fully awakened Son of God we know as Jesus Christ. Jesus not only entered Christ consciousness, he merged with Sonship and became “the Christ.”

Much of Homo sapiens patiently awaits the return of that one great being to physical form. The limited vision of Homo sapiens fails to see that Jesus never left. He merely ascended into the higher energy levels that permeate the planet. Awakening Homo illuminous is beginning to see these higher dimensions and recognizes that the second coming of Christ has already begun. It is the awakening of Christ within the minds and hearts of every human being upon the planet.

The vision of the golden age is of a planet transformed into a garden of beauty by application of higher energies. All humanity will live in the higher realms where Jesus did his miracles, and humanity’s presence here becomes a blessing to all earthly life. The vision is that of a world filled with Christ beings, sons and daughters of God, celebrating the glory of Earth’s primitive beauty.

We who answer the call of our soul will strive toward the higher dimensions. We will make hard-earned breakthroughs for ourselves and for humanity. But we will not be the final product of the spiritual revolution. We will be “the beginning.”

Humanity’s greatest accomplishments often took the cooperation of individuals who could embrace an ideal whose fruition was larger than their own lifetimes. One generation would commence building an ancient temple and be unable to finish it. A later generation would complete and live in it.

When we dedicate our lives to creating the prototype, we give them to those dear generations who will follow us. Our breakthroughs will thrill us. But we are the beginning.

We will crack the door to the kingdom. In time, our joy will be made full by watching from a higher dimension as future residents of the Earth (who, in the end, are one with us) walk in and dwell in the kingdom of God expressed in the Earth.

Visions this lofty and far-reaching often leave us feeling small and inadequate. So let’s bring it back to the mission at hand. How can we facilitate spiritual awakening? If Homo illuminous is calling, how can we begin to answer?

I admire Charles Fillmore for his exploration into the higher mystical realms. In his book Atom-Smashing Power of Mind, he brings the whole task down to earth with the statement: “We must not anticipate better social and economic conditions until we have better men and women to institute and sustain those conditions” (p. 31).

In the last era of humankind, we set out to master the world, to adapt it to better fit our needs. Technology has become king. Using the brilliance of these God-given minds, we have learned the secrets of the physical world and turned them back upon the Earth itself. We have harnessed the very forces that provided our obstacles.

Technology is a wonderful excursion into understanding and harmonizing with the primitive forces that constitute the Earth. Yet, with all our mastery of nature, we still live in a world where there is starvation, injustice, unhappiness in the midst of opulence, competition, the struggle for personal power, success of the strongest, and failure of others. Brutal suffering and subtle suffering are still part of the human experience. So far, technology can’t feed the world, stop an earthquake or a hurricane, or provide the people of the Earth with true happiness.

Maybe it could accomplish a couple of these tasks if it were profitable enough for those who have the power to direct our resources in that direction. The problem is not with technology. It is with the Homo sapiens who wield it. Until we have better people, we will never deserve a better world, and we always get the world we, as a whole, deserve.

We need to create an advanced human race so that technology can harmonize with higher forces and serve a nobler master. An advanced race is grown one being at a time. This is how we change the world for the better.

Utopias fall apart because of their people. Become the prototype of the advanced human being, and Heaven on Earth is finally a possibility. The inner must come first. The outer will follow. It is spiritual exploration that holds the key to our future and to all of our dreams.

It is often easier to keep on track if we can see the overall plan. Let’s for a moment look at the basic ground we must cover to become part of the developing prototype.

There are three basic areas to be developed. First, we must build a strong spiritual foundation. This is our intimate relationship with and our experience of God. Without this, all mind powers are sleight of hand.

Second, we must incorporate the use of higher energies and expanded perspectives into our daily activities. Third, we must push the envelope, strive for true higher-level experiences that are beyond the present evolution of human consciousness. Many of these transcendent experiences have physical counterparts that society would call miracles.

A Strong Spiritual Foundation

Jesus began his ministry with forty days of retreat in the wilderness. Whenever I am getting serious about spiritual expansion, I kick off my efforts with some form of retreat. I believe you will find it useful too.

If you want to speak with power, spend time in silence. If you want to understand the higher energies of sexual exchange, go celibate for a time with that intention. If you want to experience the magical higher energies that fill the air at Christmas, spend one alone—just you and the spirit of Christmas. If you want to dedicate your life to becoming a living example of higher human potential, withdraw and go into the privacy of your innermost, unearthly consciousness to make your agreements and claim your power.

Nothing centers us and sets us on our way like a vacation from outer demands, outer distractions, and outer entertainment. Whenever the journey toward the prototype bogs down, retreat momentarily to once again find that sense of power which propels us forward. Retreat, gather power, leap forward.

Incorporate Expansion Into Daily Activities

Retreat can often kick off a leap into higher-energy experience, but the real work remains. We must maintain the high-level experience and integrate it into our daily lives. We accomplish this through tenacious use of spiritual practices, concentration on the higher potential (almost to the point of obsession), meditation, prayer, and the channeling of this spiritual energy into mundane activities.

Some will say: “You’re trying too hard! Simply enjoy your life, and God will teach you all along the way.” I agree, but that’s only half the story.

Life is a school, without a doubt. As with all schools of higher education, there is the required course of study and then there are the electives for those who want to study further. We all take the required course. Only the dedicated ones take the electives. They require a conscious choice.

Gods required course is wonderful. It adapts itself to the needs of each soul. We can cover the material at our own rate. As we pay attention and learn from what life sends our way, illumination dawns in so many different areas. Ignore life’s messages and the program plods along. Pay attention and the mile markers start to fly by.

Much of spiritual training is presently aimed at the required course of study, urging us to look for the gifts the teacher (the Holy Spirit) leaves for us at every turn. We learn and grow through life, sometimes at quite a demanding rate. Our corners get knocked off. We learn to embrace change daily. Spirit seems to be dragging us toward our destiny of Homo Aluminous. The required course is the most dynamic force in our spiritual lives. As we learn to embrace it, we are amazed at how deftly God is molding us.

Push the Envelope

Those who pay attention to the required course of study that God has placed in front of us at all times go to the head of the class. Yet real spiritual pioneers don’t settle for just immersing themselves in the required program. They ask for more. They take an elective by asking for an assignment, setting their sights on this higher potential, allowing their lives to become a laboratory, and doing whatever it takes to break through the walls that hold them back. Spiritual explorers hammer away at an elective at the same time that they are embracing whatever spiritual lesson life is requiring of them.

At one point, my path required that I learn humility. For several years it seemed that I was learning to “accept the unacceptable.” I’ve come to believe that many higher-realm lessons involve this surrender to God—humility.

This is classic required course. It rocks our very foundation. The experiences we endure sculpt personality. We change dramatically and sometimes are even crushed into submission. All is accomplished in order to create channels in our consciousness that are capable of transmitting God-awareness. In the end, we do it to ourselves. God does not beat us into submission, though it may feel that way. To succeed is often simply to endure to the point of surrender.

In speaking with a friend about this period in my life, I declared: “I am very willful. I’m used to winning. After years of struggle, I lost the battle. I simply surrendered. And thank God I did. Thank God I lost. The freedom that came to me from this surrender has changed my life more than anything for many years.”

She responded, “Yes, I’ve been humiliated over and over in the last few months.” She faltered and corrected, “I mean humbled.”

I instantly retorted: “The word humiliated indicates how deeply you are still immersed in the battle. Only one who has not yet surrendered can be humiliated. This emotion does not exist for one who has surrendered to God. Humbleness is a strength—a freedom from any possibility of humiliation. Of course I spent years resisting surrender. You will travel the path much more quickly, I am sure.”

The required course enables us to be a son or daughter of God. The electives involve learning to wield the powers of which a son or daughter has custody.

While plumbing the depths of humility (or at least one level of it), I found my attention was drawn over and over to healing. This is the way an elective is offered. The required course of the day was personality surrender, but I took the cue and started pursuing healing life at the same time.

My affirmation became: I want to learn to heal myself and others. I figured as a son of God I had the right to experience and channel awareness of God’s healing life into specific situations.

The elective courses are often centered upon “doing” something with the divine inheritance. Here we awaken and train the spiritual muscles that will wield this “power” which is entrusted to a son or a daughter of God. It will eventually become a part of the required course, but it is offered a number of times earlier on the path for those who have the initiative to pursue it.

Spiritual explorers are those who push the envelope of divine expression (“doing”) at each stage of development. The explorers lone breakthrough has far-reaching results. The same breakthrough begins to creep up around the globe. Before long it is absorbed effortlessly into mass consciousness.

Jesus declared, “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” I keep returning to this. There is no clearer statement of purpose for anyone who dedicates his or her life to becoming the prototype of a higher evolution of humankind—sons and daughters of God incarnate.

Human Evolution

Human evolution has always been driven by an advancement in the tools by which we master our world. Early caveman learned that a club was more powerful than a hand. Almost instantly, his fellows mastered the club or were vanquished. This was followed by the jump to the spear and then the bow. With each improvement, the old way of life disappeared. The law was “evolve or die.”

The shovel and plow brought about the demise of the gathering cultures. Gunpowder shifted the balance of power again. Less technologically advanced cultures jumped to acquire and master the gun in order to avoid annihilation. Along the way, we learned that strategy could outweigh weapon power. Once again, humanity jumped forward. Get smart or die.

The modern age brought industry, advanced transportation, and communication. In a few years time-honored ways of life vanished, replaced by a technological society.

Today we scramble to become computer-literate in order to survive. Our children master the use of artificial intelligence by the second grade.

In a short hundred years, humanity has evolved from a worldwide horse-and-buggy society to jet travel and cell phones for everyone, even in third-world countries. Technology is king. We assume it will continue to rule into the foreseeable future.

Alas, I believe it will not. We stand at the edge of a precipice that will catapult us into a leap which will make technology look like puddle jumping. The only question that remains is who will leap first. After that, everyone else will have to follow like lemmings plunging into the sea.

The development of higher mind powers and the use of spiritual energies by God men and women will devastate society as we now know it.

Science fiction has already caught wind of the coming crisis. Stories abound pitting an emerging culture of telepaths against more limited human beings depending upon privacy, secrecy, and deception. Others hint at the dominance of elevated cultures in which all members consciously dip into the mind net.

They miss the mark only because science fiction tends to leave God out and keep human shortcomings intact. Very few realize that higher powers will be wielded by awakening God men and women, not by degraded egos with a bigger mental gun.

Nonetheless, I believe the world as we know it is headed toward cataclysm. Very few of our present societal structures will survive a leap from Homo sapiens to Homo illuminous. Economy, life priorities, the balance of power, production of goods and services, political structure, human values, and personal conflict resolution are all based on competition, individual inner separation, and physical limitations. When these change, our structures of society collapse.

Out of their ashes will rise higher structures based upon divine principles and divine power ... “A new heaven and a new earth ... and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.” We will live in knowledge of the “oneness” of life instead of the belief in our separation.

Homo Illuminous Arrives

It has begun. There is no avoiding this shift. We might just as easily hang on to our bows and arrows, hoping to stop the advance of an armored-tank division. Homo illuminous is arriving. Homo sapiens will disappear from the Earth. Our only choice is whether we shall fight against our destined higher good or embrace it openly and teach what we learn. In the latter case, we lend our energies to as smooth and painless a transition as is possible.

Let me explain how just one structure of society or economy will be forever altered by spiritual awakening. If you master divine guidance and are allowed access to Universal Mind on a regular basis, economy, as we presently know it, is at your mercy. As you learn to dip into Divine Mind to see what stock will rise tomorrow, the economic balance, based on lack of knowledge, is placed in jeopardy. As others learn this ability with you, everyone must make the jump or lose his or her financial fortune. When everyone can see what was previously invisible, the system no longer works. A higher system based on expanded parameters of human expression must replace it.

In the early years of transition, technology will embrace the new mental capabilities that surface. The power of machinery will be aimed upon the awakening infant of advanced brainpowers. Instrumentation will be used to stimulate energy awakenings and act as training grounds for those who will master these energies. Man and machine will be partnered. Thought will activate machines much as voice does already. Thought and emotion will be amplified with the attempt to harness them technologically.

The whole scientific foray will encourage extreme mental and emotional discipline by society as a whole. Mental and emotional training will be the way to get ahead, just as becoming computer-literate has been in this era.

The more the power of mind over matter is explored, the less dependent upon machinery the whole process will become. Technology will fade as mind power begins to stand on its own.

For a short time, individuals, governments, and corporations will attempt to harness mind-energy awakenings for old, selfish purposes based in that hard-to-die concept of individual separation from the whole.

However, within spiritual circles, advanced mind awakenings will be tethered to higher intent. Christ-centered men and women not only will master mental energies and harness them to the good of the whole, but they also will learn to dip into universal mind and universal power.

Touching the One and channeling God’s power as a child of God will surpass individual higher mental power so far as to make it obsolete. This is why it is so important that we dedicate our lives to developing some aspect of the higher spiritual prototype. The more quickly we awaken this Christ prototype and learn to flex higher spiritual muscles whose source is God, the more swiftly this destructive side trip into individual higher mental energy guided by human limitation will pass. Humanity will be drawn up into Homo Aluminous instead of getting stuck between the two evolutions.

A Golden Age

I foresee a golden age ahead, though 1 may not live to see it fully implemented. I see a future Earth inhabited by men and women who know they are sons and daughters of God and are our descendents. They will be born knowing, for that knowledge will be the gift of our human race consciousness.

In this coming world, we will not spend most of our lives trying to unlearn our limitations, overcome emotional garbage we have gathered, and reverse family patterns that seem to be passed through the genes. Today “clean up” is the path to spiritual awakening. In our future, fear based on belief in separation will not exist. Imagine being born from the beginning with a clean slate, remembrance of your spiritual origin, and the support and training to develop your full potential as a child of God.

Earth will be our garden. We will step lightly upon its breathtaking beauty. We will cherish it. The wind, the currents of the sea, the growth of plants, and the evolvement of animal life will all be forces that are our friends. Our presence here will bring harmony. Our own needs will be met spiritually and in the totally harmonious participation in the cycle of life. It will be a great joy to participate in the pageant of Earth, not subdue it with a slave-master relationship.

As survival becomes a nonissue because of our mastery of higher energy forces to meet our needs, creativity will become the economy of life, not money. The consciousness of oneness will allow us to leave no one’s needs unfulfilled. Everyone will live in abundance, though the state of plenty will be measured in different ways. No longer will we measure our economic security by what we can hoard unto ourselves. Abundance will be shared by all. What beauty we individually cocreate with God will be the measure of our wealth, and sharing, the way we spend it.

Death will no longer be shrouded in darkness. It will be celebrated like birth. We will enter the Earth consciously and leave it consciously as well. The myth that death robs us of life will have died long ago. I he anguish of bereavement and the fear of falling off the end of a flat Earth will seem equally ridiculous.

Sons and daughters of God will come and go from the Earth with purpose. Disease has no power over the unfettered flow of Divine Life. We will leave upon our realization of completion. And leaving the Earth will not separate us from our loved ones who remain.

Not all will feel the need to visit Earth in physical body. We will be aware of their etheric presence when their attention is with us. We will be aware of other orders of spiritual beings, commune with them, and cherish their sacred work in our realm.

We will know that Earth, our host, is alive. We will join our minds with her and exchange blessings. We will grasp with gratefulness the radiant love of another order of life that we call our Sun.

Throughout it all, we will be immersed in the One Presence and One Power that exists throughout the universe. Talking with God will be commonplace. Just as the workstation computer consults the mainframe, we will consult Universal Mind on everything.

And then there is the human mind net. Oneness brings a total lack of privacy. We will share our every thought on an e-mail that is addressed to everyone. Surfing the mind net will bring us great satisfaction as well as information. The power of “we” is always greater than the sum of the parts.

Those who incarnate into Earth will do so in order to experience the glories of the physical world at great depth. We will not withdraw from physical experience—just its limitations. Telepathy will often replace spoken language, though we will preserve use of voice for the magnificent art of vibrating our world to change the texture of physical reality.

Spiritual travel will fill the need to roam far places. But our greatest rewards will come from mundane, creative physical experiences. Touch will be cherished as sacred. Families will love and caress while being part of the greater family of the whole.

Gardeners will pass energy to the soil with their hands and bless the plants with the energy of their hearts, growing enough bounty for all. Cooks will prepare physical nourishment, adding the spiritual energies that will enrich it.

Some physical labor will be performed for the joy of experiencing it. Other labors will be accomplished with the advanced powers of mind. Physical sports and challenges will flourish for the depth of experience they convey. We will swim to the depths of the sea, climb the highest mountains, and sail on the wind without airplanes.

Music, art, motion, sculpture, writing, theater, carpentry, and fabrication will take a multitude of creative forms. Scientists will explore the inner essence of every aspect of this physical world, using their minds as their main research instrument.

This reality may seem far away, but it’s not as far as you might think. Certain aspects of this abstract dream are quite close.

A Beginning ...

For example, shortly we will create and live the dreams planted in our souls through use of mental imagery and communion with God. Abundance, healing, guidance, and harmony with the Earth are only a short reach once we harness those higher energies that we spiritual explorers are pursuing.

We are here to usher in the beginning of the transition. We stand with one foot in the past and the other poised for a leap of faith. The contributions we could make seem so small and insignificant. Yet the possibilities before us are filled with power.

We are the Wright brothers, hoping to sail above the ground for a few hundred yards after years of work. Jet planes and space stations are not very far behind. We are more capable of bringing change to this planet than we have ever realized.

I believe that in future Earth, historical analysis of our era will read something like this:

“The people of the early twenty-first century were still primitives in that they did not know how to use the energies of Mind and Heart to take command of their physical limitations. Thus they were enslaved to the physical world.

“But an adventurous few set out in search of the inner potentials that we presently consider commonplace.

“Against a backdrop of tremendous human ignorance, these few still managed to cut through their limits in enough different areas to begin to form a picture of humankind’s next step in evolution.

“They opened the door, and the generations who followed went in and colonized this new realm of higher human potential.

“These spiritual explorers were a vanguard that fought hard for little pieces of the higher realm, which we take for granted today. Yet, without them, humankind might never have taken the leap, and we might still be in bondage to the physical world.”

Speaking for myself, I wish to be counted among those “adventurous few.” How about you?

© 2001, Robert L. Marshall
All rights reserved by the author.
Reprinted with permission.