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Make us a blessing, Lord (Audio)

James Dillet Freeman

Dear Friends -

James Dillet Freeman was a very complex man. Like many of the relatives you will share your Thanksgiving dinner with later today, he was a mix of blessings and criticism, of love and judgment, of wonder and dispair. My interviews of Richard Billings, Joyce Kramer and Max Lafser highlighted how the complexity of James Dillet Freeman impacted their ministry.

What we have here is James Dillet Freeman asking God to make him what he truly wanted to be — a blessing to everyone he met. I believe this is the true James Dillet who devoted a lifetime to becoming the perfect Angel who God had meant him to be.

So I encourage everyone to listen to this 2 minute prayer of James Dillet Freeman. Not only because it says something about Unity's great poet, but also because it says something about you and I and every person we will share our day with today. It also says something about our country and society:

Make us a blessing, Lord.

Copyright 1996 Unity Audio Recordings

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you,
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You can get the text of this and other poetry here. You can listen to other poems from James Dillet Freeman here.