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Master Class Lessons (Audio and PDF)

Introduction to Ernest Wilson and his Master Class Lessons

Download PDF of the 1935 edition of Master Class Lessons

Download PDF of the 1935 edition of Master Class Lessons

These talks, recorded in August 1974, are filled with a lifetime of wisdom:

  • In the 1920s Ernest Wilson came to be the lead editor of all Unity publications,
  • in 1931 he remarried Charles and Myrtle on their 50th wedding anniversary,
  • in 1933 he presided at the marriage of Charles and Cora Fillmore,
  • in 1934 he succeeded Charles Fillmore as the Senior Minister of the Unity Society.
  • He knew Emilie Cady,
  • he was at Charles Fillmore's bedside in his last few hours when Charles asked him if he believed in eternal life,
  • he knew Lowell Fillmore, James Freeman and May Rowland when they were young,
  • he launched a very successful church in the Los Angeles area in 1939, attracting many notable celebrities,
  • and in 1965 he returned to Kansas City to lead the Plaza Church until his retirement in 1976.

That is why these talks are so worthwhile listening to. Besides being filled with his lifetime of wisdom, they are filled with many anecdotes about Unity and notable people, and he answers over one hundred questions asked by his enthusiastic audience. If you want inside stories about Unity and to get the spirit of a grand man of a bygone era, here it is.

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