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Taking Stock of Yourself—September 29, 1918

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One in the understanding of Truth—the omnipresence of all Reality—attaches to the word “review” no thought of retrospection. His review is of things now alive, not dead history nor events passed into oblivion. What would be thought of a general who, in the annual review of his troops, sought to call up the specters of those killed in battle? Generals do not do that; they review the living men before them, and pass judgment upon their capacity as presented in the living present. So the merchant takes a “review” of his financial condition, and bases his worth upon the assets now on hand.

These are valuable pointers to those who are now and then in the habit of reviewing their lives. Most people think that a review of this kind should include a raking up of all the past, with its failures especially prominent, that one may learn by experience. But this is not a review from the God standpoint. God does not care what you were as an infant, nor a youth, nor a young man or woman. What are you now?—that is the important point.

Again, in taking stock of yourself are you counting what you seem to have or what you have in reality? Most people count the seeming failure because you have not succeeded in certain worldly ideals. The world looks at the possessor of temporal things and says, This one is successful; but the Lord may say. Take away that seeming talent and give it to the one who has the real treasure.

It is pcofitable to review yourself often from the standpoint of the Real. If you have even a little spiritual understanding, count it large, very large when compared with temporal successes or possessions. In his day Jesus was counted a failure, and ’tis a question whether he did not himself at times feel that his mission had fallen short, as when he cried, “My God, ray God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

This was the personality; that humanity in him, as in us all, that looked at the seeming and allowed it reality. Let us know that the spiritual only is real. If we have the light, and are using that light, we have the key to all success. Love is Real, Truth is Real, Justice is Real, Integrity, Honesty is Real. If your name is Jacob (Supplanter) one who is journeying from place to place to find satisfaction, counting the past, and looking to the future, change it to this “Is-real”, and find peace in the Lord’s Reality.