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Affirmation Circles

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The Affirmation Circle Process

Begin the affirmation circle by declaring together:

My mind, your mind and the Mind of God are one.* I now establish and declare spiritual oneness with God and those here present:

  • There is only one Presence and one Power in my life and in the universe, God the omnipotent Good.
  • I and all persons are individualized expressions of God with the Christ Spirit within, and therefore we are all inherently good.

I send forth only thoughts of good and good returns in overwhelming measure.* Holding a consciousness of flow, play and joy, I declare and affirm:

  • I create my experiences by the activity of my thinking. Everything in my manifest realm has its beginning in thought.
  • Prayer is creative thinking that heightens my connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth to me wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.

Each person in the affirmation circle shares a concern or desire:

A person in the circle begins the process by briefly stating the situation or concern he or she wishes to address. For example, the person may say, "I have heard that my company is about to begin laying off some of its employees next week and I am concerned that I may loose my job."

The others in the group then take a minute or two write on a 3x5 card a denial or an affirmation that identifies the divine Truth idea behind the concern or desire and that helps the person see the Truth of the situation. In the case of concern about loosing one's job, an appropriate affirmation might be:

“There is a perfect job at the perfect pay open for me right now.”

They then read to the person the denial or affirmation that they have written, changing “I” or “me” words to "you", such as:

“There is a perfect job at the perfect pay open for you right now.”

After everyone in the group has shared with the person the Truth they see, the cards are passed to the person.

The process continues until each person in the group has shared his or her desire or concern and has received a denial or affirmation from everyone else.

Conclude with Silence and Gratitude

Begin to close the affirmation circle with sufficient time in silence for each person to savor the Divine intentions that have been identified and to ponder the denials and affirmations that have been formulated.

Break the silence by stating together:

I use Godlike thoughts to think into being a Godlike world.* As an individualized expression of God-Mind, I affirm:

  • Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. I must also live the truth that I know.

The process is brought to a close by each person expressing gratitude to Spirit and to the group for the affirmation of their divine intention. One way to do this is to say:

“I am grateful that ...”