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Women's Intelligent Body

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Have you appreciated the intelligence of your body or thought how, when any adjustment is needed, every function sets to work immediately to bring about the perfect restoration? You can help immeasurably by turning your thoughts to the higher intelligence of God, the source of all life.

Your organs know how to carry on their work perfectly, but sometimes anxiety, overwork, overindulgence, or misunderstanding interferes with their functioning. Physical in-harmony results, not as a punishment but as a signal to turn to God for healing, meanwhile carefully observing His law of holiness or wholeness in every part of your being.

Acting in accord with the intelligence of the body, giving each function the praise it merits, working lovingly to maintain health, you need never fear any physical or mental breakdown, for each day will find you further advanced in the way of divine wholeness.

Regulation of Menses

Although a natural, normal function, menstruation for generations has been termed the monthly sickness. This association of menstruation with sickness builds up a negative thought habit that expects and accepts inharmony and discomfort as inevitable. These wrong ideas must be denied and corrected by freeing the mind from any thought of aversion, uncleanness, resistance, sickness, or resentment.

Especially during menstruation the consciousness should be spiritually cleansed so that all creative impulses may honor God. Thus the nerve reaction is controlled that sometimes causes a sense of lethargy and heaviness or that abnormally increases the activity of mind and body. Quickened creative ideas are set to work. This balances the activity of the generative organs with the light and order of Divine Mind. Poise is gained, and mind and body function harmoniously for the uplift and blessing of womanhood.

Bless your body every day with the knowledge that life is pure because it is of God. To correct painful or suppressed menses relax mind and body. Quietly think about the affirmation that follows until your body is aglow with the warming, healing, freely circulating life of God:

I thank God for the pure current of life and love that is permeating every part of my body. It renews and regenerates me. I am free and whole.

For too profuse a flow get very still. Do not be afraid. The healing presence of Jesus Christ infolds you. Affirm:

By the power a?id authority of fesus Christ my life forces are controlled. I am one with His life, established in His peace and strength, and I am healed.

The Good Change

Blessed daughter of the Most High, there is nothing for you to fear in the natural change of life that comes to woman. In fact there is much that you may look forward to as your body, freed from the monthly period, is built up in a stronger, more stable, and more peaceful structure of life.

Your physical renewal is but the initial step toward the limitless good that awaits you as you fearlessly undergo the good change, trusting God for the harmonious adjustment of your body functions, knowing Him as your perfect health, and looking to Him for the inspiration and revealment of the higher and better life that lies before you.

Some things concerning the physical expression of life are or should be held sacred. The change of life is one of them. It should not be discussed promiscuously with others. Women often build up a false bond of fear among themselves by listening to accounts of terrible experiences at that period of life. When traced, these stories are frequently found to be unwarranted, tales exaggerated through much repeating.

It is essential that you keep your mind and heart clean and pure, your habits temperate and well-ordered as you undergo the process of letting go of the old life of generation and lay hold of the new life of wholesome-ness, substance, and peace.

As easily as one season blends into another, so may one period of life progress into another. The change of life is in reality a time of soul growth and emancipation for you. Following this good and freeing change, many women have become so quickened spiritually in consciousness that they have been able to give a great teaching or service to the world.

Remember, you are a daughter of the Most High. Fearlessly let old conditions go. Look to God, the author and source of your life. Hold fast to Him and He will bring you through this experience a new woman, filled with the power of His Holy Spirit, radiant with new life and understanding. Welcome your change, saying:

Father, I thank Thee for the orderly adjustment of every function of my body. I thank Thee for the new life that I am entering in accord with Thy plan for me. I willingly let go of the old and lay hold of the new. Let Thy perfect ivill be done in me.

God's will for you at all times is peace, health, freedom, and harmony. Every change that comes to you by His will is good.

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