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The Great Helper

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By Dana Gatlin

Unity School of Christianity
Kansas City 6, Mo.

DO YOU need help? Help of any kind? Then take time today to turn to the great Helper, to really acknowledge Him. Your life may seem hurried and filled with problems. But God, who answers the prayers of our hearts and gives us all things, gives us time to turn to Him. Plenty of time. So accept it. Take time. When your problems beset you, or when you first wake in the morning, say to yourself something like this:

Today I will rely on God.
Today I will take time to rely on Him.
Today I will put God first and other things last.
Today I will be true to God.
Today I will try to think God's thoughts after Him.
Today I will try to remember that God is in charge and that I have nothing to fear.
Today I will take time to feel at peace, knowing that everything is in God's hands.
Today I will be cheerful. I will be good-tempered and patient with others. I will be kind.
Today I will forget my grudges. I will let go of my doubts and fears. I will discount my problems and hardships. I will count my blessings, however small they seem. I will be on the lookout for every smallest thing that can be called a blessing—a glass of water to drink, a meal, a glimpse of beautiful green on breeze-swayed trees, the good will of a friend, the clothes I wear, a chair, a book, a bed.

Today I will be grateful for everything I have. I will remember the glorious promises and the illimitable power of God. Today I will rely on God. I will take time to remember Him and His promises. Relying on Him, I will simply pass over all adverse appearances. I will ignore, cast out, all my error thoughts. Even though they rise up in me as an army, in the name of God I will drive them out. Today I will partake of the love and joy of God. I will fix my first attention on His promises, His peace, His plenty. Today I will take time for God. I will prove God.

Sometimes even when we want to trust God, when we long desperately to find Him, it seems difficult to get in touch with Him. Did you ever stop to consider that the thought that gives you the most comfort may be your surest and speediest way of making the contact? By the very comfort that the thought gives, you, you may know that for the moment you have touched Him.

God will help me. What a comforting thought that is! Do not be afraid to think it. Do not hesitate. Think it, believe it, treasure it. Feel it flowing strong and triumphant through your being, a joyous tide of assurance, as you give yourself up to it. Feel yourself growing stronger, more buoyant and hopeful, as it flows through you. Don't be too much concerned about just how He is going to help you. That is His business. Your business is to be receptive, willing. You have for the time relinquished your human responsibility. You are thinking and knowing, "God will tell me what to do" — and what a comforting thought that is!

There are other comforting ideas that will surely bring you into communion with God.

Nothing is too much for God. I can't ask too much. "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith Jehovah." God is in charge. He is working His good in me and in all my affairs

I rely absolutely on God. He will tell me just what to do — the answer will come. One with God is a majority. Everything is working out just right for me. Nothing but good can come into my life, now that God is in charge.

You cannot ask too much of God. You cannot expect too much of Him. But you have to take enough time to realize this fully, to let its truth permeate you through and through. Is it a comfort to you once you feel assured?

Whatever thought comforts us, this thought is from God. It fills some need, and by this token we may be sure that God wants to give it to us. Do not hesitate to think it. Do not be afraid to think it. It is your own most vital prayer. If it gives you comfort, reassurance, or release, think it with all your heart and mind. Feel it surge through your entire being. Know that it is so. Think it joyously, freely, and for as long as you can. Through it you are having an intimation of God — His presence, His love, His willingness, and His supreme power.

"I speak not from myself: but the Father abiding in me doeth his works." When you find other thoughts crowding in, return to this wonderful, comforting, and freeing thought. Return to it again and again. Return to its joy and freedom, to its comfort and hope, to its fullness of ease, to its promise of divine fulfillment. If it comforts you to know that God is helping you in whatever way you may need help, return to this thought again and again. Feel its comfort and promise of well-being sink deep into you. It is true, you may rely on it. It is true for you just in proportion to the degree that you know and feel it to be true. So do not hesitate. Know this truth fearlessly. Know it in every cell of your mind and every fiber of your being. Know it as you go about your work, as you perform whatever duty is at hand. Know that God is doing His divine work in you and for you, that He is helping you in your most vital need, that He is even now bringing your good to pass. Know it and rely on it, and as surely as the sun shines God will help you. When you allow yourself thus to be held in the love and wisdom of God you have absolutely nothing to fear. If a fear assails you, say to your mind: "God is taking care of that. He will show me the way. He will act in plenty of time." He will certainly manifest His good for you. Only believe. You cannot ask too much, you cannot rely on Him too much. Nothing is too much for God.

God wants to give His good to us; He wants to answer our need, to fulfill our desires. But God Himself cannot give to us what our mind refuses to accept. How much can you accept?

I once saw a lecturer illustrate this point. He took a dollar bill from his pocket and held it up. "Is there anyone here who could use this bill?" he asked. "It is a dollar, it is mine, and I would be very glad to give it to anyone who would like to have it."

Not a person responded. "Is there no one?" the lecturer pursued. "You may do whatever you like with it. It will be yours."

Still no response. Doubtless there were many in the audience who needed and could have used a dollar but who were restrained by convention and self-consciousness from speaking out. In the nervous, rather embarrassed hush the lecturer commented, "Not even God can give you anything, if you won't accept it." It was a lesson I've never forgotten.

We must accept from God before He can help us. Before that we must know that He can. When there is need, whatever the need, take time to turn to God. Know that He can help you. Believe it. Trust Him. The outer fact that we feel a need or have a desire is the inner intimation that God wants to manifest His good more fully in our lives. He can, and He wants us to know that He can. We should concentrate on this knowledge, this sense of God's presence and His unfailing willingness and power to help, until it grows into an unqualified conviction, steady, stanch, and unshakable. Do this one thing, keep your faith in Him steady and sure despite any adverse appearance, and you will be on the open road to victorious demonstration. God can. He works in and through you. But you must know it, be aware of it in every corner of your mind and every fiber of your being.

Take time to remember His presence and power. Just this much will do wonders for you. Before you know it you will be amazed how much better you feel. You may wonder why, since to outer appearance conditions have not changed much. But they have changed within, and if you are faithful they will change without. For God is helping you, and you are trusting, accepting His help. You have accepted His peace. "Peace I give unto you." Take time to feel at peace. Recognize, accept, and trust Him. Know that He is there, infallible, illimitable, omnipotent. Nothing can stand against God. Nothing can thwart Him. One with God is a majority. But you must be conscious of Him, you must recognize His willingness and rely on His power. Rely on Him, even though you succeed in accomplishing nothing else. This will be your biggest and most important achievement. He will guide and instruct you concerning the rest. But you must rely on Him purposely and consciously, so as to keep the way open to Him.

Our awareness of the need is but His intimation to us that the supply to meet the demand is available. Our first sensation of peace, serenity, is our evidence that we have established contact with Him. He has heard us; it is the first installment of His answer to our prayer. So take time to receive the answer, to enjoy this first blessing, to let Him completely through.

God wants us to be enheartened, to feel and know Him in our hearts. But of our own volition and in full consciousness we must let Him in. If only we will let Him, He will guide and govern us, protect and prosper us. But before He can do this for any individual, the individual himself must know that He is doing it.

Take time to enjoy this blessed reassurance and peace. Grow rested and strong from within. You will find yourself filling with new energy and purpose, with new enthusiasm and fire. God Himself will direct and show you. You need not bother about the how. Do not weaken and dissipate your energy in thinking too much about results. The results will surely come to pass. Your part is to concentrate on the power of God and to obey His promptings within you. Trust God. This is better than trying to hold in mind the desired results. Instead, hold to God — to the knowledge that God is present and active in every phase of your life and affairs. This last is sufficient. It is the basis of all good results. The good results will come. They are bound to come. For God is working; He Himself is working in and for you, and nothing can thwart God.

It is best to leave the results to God, and surely it is easier and more restful to take enough time just to feel at peace; to place yourself, your human problems, and all your affairs trustingly in the hands of God; to know that the answer will come; that already it is done; that He will tell you what to do. Meanwhile you may feel rested in body and assured in mind. It is your privilege — you are free to do it. Take time. Take time to feel your oneness with God and your reliance upon Him; to feel assured and strengthened; to feel kind and loving toward people, and harmonious toward the world; to establish yourself in peace — God's peace.

Not long ago I heard a woman say, "I wish I had time to enjoy this beautiful weather. It's slipping by, and I've been so rushed I've hardly had a glimpse of it. It seems a shame."

Yes, it does. Surely God meant that we should have time to enjoy beautiful weather, surely it is important enough even in the press and rush of circumstances and events and things. That remark was rather pitiable, since golden, sunshiny days come free. Doesn't it seem a mistake to deny ourselves such a glorious free gift from a self-imposed sense of duty? True, we must perform our duties. But it is no sin to take time to notice and enjoy beautiful weather. It is, rather, a sin not to take time. Taking time in this way might be the very means by which to improve conditions in our body, mind, and affairs. Take time to enjoy God's manifest free gifts. How many good things God has given us that we deliberately pass over! We haven't time to enjoy them!

Today, whatever your need, take time to turn to God. Take time to recognize Him, to wait upon Him, to prove Him, to let Him through. If He gives you some inkling, some intimation of Himself that comforts you, respond to it! Say to yourself:

Today I will rely upon God.
Today I will be cheerful.
Today I will not criticize or condemn.
Today I will be pleasant and agreeable with other people.
Today I will let my every thought go forth as a blessing, even as I anticipate and confidently expect my blessings to come from God.

Today I will do my best, sustained by the knowledge that God is helping me. I will fear no evil, for I am held in the love and the wisdom of God. God will tell me just what to do; He will tell me in plenty of time. Today I will take time to feel at peace: with God, with the world, with everyone I deal with or meet.

Let this be a prayer with you, a deep conviction, and it will be answered. You will know peace, and through peace you will find help in ways un-guessed. Your need will be met.

He is saying to you:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful."

"Lo, I am with you always."

"Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace:
Thereby good shall come unto thee."



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