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Lola Mays

Lola Pauline Mays

Lola Mays was ordained a Unity minister in 1954. However the most notable achievements of her career and ministry were her contributions to New Thought. This page is a placemark for a future profile.

A message received from Blaine Mays July 3, 2017

Hello Mark,

Really pleased to know you have interest in Mom’s Meditation records. We will be more than glad to meet with you during the Congress in support of what you want to do with her records. Mom and Dad founded the Seminary as an outgrowth of the intensive training she did in training ministers for Religious Science. When they withdrew from Religious Science, they named their church “Living Bible Center” (Mom was strong on Bible Interpretation) and continued training and ordaining ministers. When she and Dad passed away we made the decision to rename the church “Community Church of New Thought” and carry on with ministerial training under the name of Lola Pauline Mays New Thought Seminary, which now the last part is School of Ministry instead of Seminary.

Blessings and appreciation,
Blaine Mays


Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 1 - Prosperity


I am an expression of God mind. Therefore, I manufacture from the ether every good desire. I see an abundance of good coming forth to meet my every desire. I am aware of prosperity flowing to me from a redirection. I now realized all hidden power within me to make visible this divine idea. I realize that money is good. I realize that mind is good. I realize that mind is God, and mind and God and money become the instrument for my success.

I now possess all the substance I can use. Not only for myself but for all those who come into my life. God is limitless. Mind is limitless. Money is limitless. Therefore, I release the love and power within me which brings substance into manifestation. I am depending upon the spirit of God now and always for my good. God is substance and I am given all I can accept.

I sense the actual presence of prosperity now. I feel the warm reality and joy as I use this God substance. The ether contains power and wealth, and I now release this power to bring into visibility my abundance. I live each moment in the positive awareness of wealth. I feel and see wealth flowing to me through natural channels. I rest in the joy and freedom, which I now feel as I possess the reality of this God substance. The presence and power of God is within me and within my consciousness completed demonstration is now. I rejoice in the feeling of security because I am one with God. I am one with infinite mind. I am one with eternal wealth, and I am expressing joy and happiness now.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 2 - joy


I now rise into the authority of my supreme being. My soul radiates sunshine, and my heart bask therein. My soul sings of the freshness and blessings of spirit, and my ears listen. Joy discloses the hidden strength of my being, and I am equipped with happiness to meet this hour. The abiding spirit of joy is the lubricant of my soul. The fragrance of my body, and the elasticity of my mind.

Holy presence, creator and sustainer of my world, I am thankful, for it is thy presence that enables me to know joy. The moments I spend with thee, oh loving presence, fills my day with joy and a quiet simple feeling of trust comes over me, and I am satisfied. I am filled with thy happiness. I have gained the universal feeling of joy, as I beheld they free spirit.

This joy is vibrating, pulsating energy, and gives me complete satisfaction and control. I feel joy and harmony flowing like a river. I am uplifted and illumined. My eyes see with a new vision. My heart sings with a new song. My tongue speaks a new language, and my steps are quickened by thy presence.

Oh loving Father, the joy of my soul is truly the healing oil of they presence. It is the healing oil of God, and as God sends this force through me to His world, His continence is seen, His compassion is felt, and His harmony is established. My cup runneth over as the avenues of my soul become beams of light radiating joy from heaven to Earth.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 3 - Love


I now open my heart that the pure eternal freeing love of God may fill my soul, my body and my world. This radiation of divine love contains a warmth, a comfort, and a light, which causes my muscles to relax and my cells to expand. Through love, the great all encompassing of Father-Mother God, I am born. I am sustained by this love. I am protected by this love and the abiding spirit hovering over me gives me a feeling of true security.

This love which radiates from me is pure God love filled with a dynamic power to release the divine qualities of my being. The love of God fills all space and no path is unknown to me because it is paved with the divine love. It is the cosmic flame of divine love that has placed me on this path and I am bathed in wave after wave of pure white love, the highest God quality in heaven and on earth.

As the love of God flows through me, the starry light shows in my eyes. It stirs the youth and beauty in my face and arouses strength and power in my body. Father-Mother God as thou has loved me, I now send forth this love to all the world. I love for the joy of loving and as I radiate this love, my soul rests in calm serenity. The majesty and glory of this feeling cannot be told. It must be experienced—and the experience releases the great cosmic love filled with tenderness and blessing for all mankind.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 4 - peace


I relax my body and turn my mind to the place of solitude and stillness of my being, and I hear the command, "Peace, be still." All questions wait with tranquil poise. All noise is hushed and bows its head as the flower laden with nectar. My mind and body are filled with "My peace I give onto you."

In this complete stillness and surrender, I feel the presence of God as it floods my body, and I hear the noiseless voice as it comes from the unseen depths of universal being. This glory breaks over me and I am in crystal light. Its cooling fragrance moves upon me as the evening breathes, and I am merged in divine being.

In this great stillness, I hear the universe sounding, "Be still and know that I am God." In this divine communion, I am free. My mind and body has left its slumbering state and the activity of God is flowing through me, and the effulgence of immortality is permitted to shine to the world. Here I see man and Earth at their loveliest. I have found the paradise. I have found God in heaven, and I have found heaven to be within me.

In this living connection within my soars, I am awake in thy lightness, and all conditions and people appear in this white garment of thy lightness. In this peace, I hear the great symphony of God as He plays his melody of life and sings His universe into harmony. The crest of the mountain is the place of stillness within me, the place where I find God and rest and peace.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 5 - healing


The Christ of God shines forth through me and I am light. I am life. I am love. I am power. As this God light begins to shine, I am pure. I am radiant. I am peaceful. I am divine. I am healthy. I am youthful. I am fragrant. I am kind. As this light begins to shine within me, I am aware of God as this supreme intelligence ruling my world. God within me is the cosmic ray of light and it is the highest field of radiation. In this white light, which is God power, I see God as all inclusive. All penetrating. All existing. And all life.

God is the source of everything and through the indwelling God principal in me I become aware of this God vibration as a life, light and intelligence in myselves. I am practicing the presence of God. Listening to God. Obedient to God. And the God habit of perfection is established within my consciousness.

This divine white light, which is intelligent God energy, permeates my mind, body and affairs. This perfect God presence is the real self of me and as I know God, the perfect eternal presence of my being, I also know God at the heart of the universe. God as a supreme life of all visible and invisible. Within and without. God is my life and I shall forever keep my mind immersed in this spiritual energy. I do become more of this God life and I stand forth pure, perfect, triumphant and eternal.

All that God is, I am. I have found the pure white light. I am power. I am life. I am the Christ of God and I put forth the command and life—eternal life—is accomplished. God is peace and I rest in eternal peace.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 6 - companionship


My true companion is God. The greatest companion I can ever know. And when the love of God fills my heart, it is the magnet which draws to me my physical companion. Pure love and joy flowing from me is the attracting power for my true companion.

As the satisfaction of atonement with my God flows through me I feel complete. This feeling of completion within me is the assurance of my completion in the outer world. As I go deep within to the presence of God, my soul is filled with love and purity, and these qualities of true companionship must be released through me because I must first give to the world that which I am asking God to give to me.

As I think pure thoughts I am loving in character and noble ideals are established in my life. These high spiritual qualities attract their likeness and I know my perfect companion. Spiritual wisdom is my discerning power and my heart is humbled and wise as I make this choice.

Father, as I commune with thee, it is most beautiful and I am assured of the answer to my prayer. My soul ever remains full of freshness and goodness, as I trust thee, dear Father. And the embracing arms of thy love ever keeps this divine connection.

True companionship is God within me and it is eternal. It is the fidelity of love and truth ever shining through me. This tender compassion illuminates my soul and carries me to new heights of peace and harmony. I am complete because the radiant action of eternal love is my fulfillment.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 7 - Story About God

Story About God

Come boys and girls, I have something to tell you. I live within you and as you breathe you feel my presence. Take your hand and blow your breath on it and you will feel my presence as life. I live in all boys and girls, I live in all homes, I live in your father and mother, and I go to school with you. As you open wide your mouth to sing, it is my voice coming through you because I love to give sweet music to my world as you sing.

My presence is intelligence and love and all good. As you study, I will help you. As you work, I work with you. As you play, I protect you. If you love me and wish to help me, then you must become loving and kind and good. You must take care of your toy train. You must love and be kind to your dog and you must feed your bird. If you love me, your father God, I can give you everything because I work through love, and I love all things and I live in all things.

So often you ask mother, "what is God?", "where am I?" and "how do I look?" I am all life and all good and I am everywhere. I work in the flower to make it bloom, I work in the apple to make it grow, I live in your dog and horse to make them run and play and I breathe in you so you may live and grow strong.

I'm not a person, I'm a presence and you cannot see me with your eyes but you can feel my life in your body. I cause your blood to circulate and your heart to beat. I cause your eyes to see and your ears to hear and your hands to move and your feet to walk. I love you because I made you and I will always care for you.

Lola Mays 78 RPM record - 8 - God Answered My Prayer

God Answered My Prayer

As I leaped across the porch to turn Skippy into the yard, I wanted to see him run and play. I said, "Good morning, Skippy. Come now." Skippy did not come. He could not raise his head. He whined and beat his tail against the floor. His big brown eyes were shining steadily toward me and I knew he wanted me near. I said, "Skippy, come. Come now. Get up," but he could not.

It was then that I thought of this story about God, how God breathes in me and how he causes the apples to grow, and the flowers to bloom, and the dogs and horses to run and play. It was then that I knew that Skippy was telling me to pray for him to live. I sat holding his head in my lap and I prayed,

"Dear Father God, your life is breathing in my dog. Your love cares for him. Skippy is good and kind, and he wants to live. Father God, as I see life flowing through is body. I know he can raise his head, I know he can walk because, Dear God, when you make a promise, you always fulfill your promise. Father, I hear Skippy's heart beating and it is normal. Father God, I know now that you work in everything and your love cares for all things, and Dear Father, you told me in the story about God that if boys and girls love you, you can give them everything because you work through love. Father, I love you with all my heart and I give Skippy to you."

I looked and Skippy was sitting up. I looked into his big brown eyes and I knew he was well. Thank you, Father.