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Dale Newsum

Dale Newsum, Unity minister ordained 1946

Dale Newsum was ordained a minister in 1946, along with his wife, Donna Newsum. After the passing of Donna, Dale married Minn Newsum, also a Unity minister.

* * *

In 1963 the Association of Unity Church Centers, Inc. was formed in the State of Florida. This is the legal organization that eventually became the Association of Unity Churches in 1966 and is know known as Unity Worldwide Ministries.

The Articles of Incorporation state that the purpose was primarily to accept large donations on behalf of Unity centers and to take advantage of tax benefits which would be available by incorporating.

The founding subscribers were Mary Kupferle, Hal Rosencrans and Charles D. Pierce, Jr. The founding Trustees were Eric Butterworth, Dale C. Newsum, Hal Rosencrans and Charles D. Pierce, Jr.

* * *

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