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Metaphysical meaning of Zeeb (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zeeb (mbd)
Zeeb, ze'–eb (Heb.)--golden; yellow; yellowish; tawny; brazen; bold; wolf.

A prince of Midian. He was slain by Gideon and his men at the wine press of Zeeb (Judg. 7 :25).

Meta. A thought activity that has its inception in wisdom (golden, yellow). Because of the errors and limitations of the Midian phase of consciousness, with which this wisdom thought activity is associated, it has become tainted with error (tawny) and has taken on the attributes that are expressed in brazen, bold, wolf. This prince of Midian's being slain by Gideon at the wine press of Zeeb signifies that error thoughts and tendencies destroy themselves when the light of understanding and the word of denial are turned upon them.

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