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Metaphysical meaning of Toah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Toah (mbd)
Toah, to'-ah (Heb.)--sunk down; immersed; depressed; humble; lowly; underneath ; prostrated; bowed down ; downcast; inferior; declining; weakness.

A Levite, an ancestor of Samuel (I Chron. 6:34). He is called Nahath in I Chronicles 6:26. Tohu of I Samuel 1:1, is the same name, apparently, and the same lineage; here the men given in the lineage are said to be of the hill country of Ephraim.

Meta. A lowly, humble attitude of thought, to the point of negativeness and dejection (sunk down, bowed down, depressed, prostrated, downcast). The meek, humble attitude of mind is good. One must abide in the divine qualities of joy, strength, power, and assurance also, however, that one may avoid negative tendencies that are deteriorative (inferior, declining, weakness) instead of upbuilding and vitalizing.

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