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Metaphysical meaning of Shebarim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shebarim (mbd)
Shebarim, sheb'-a-rim (Heb.) breaks; breaches; pieces; fragments; fractures; ruins; destructions.

A place not far from Ai. It was there that the men of Ai stopped pursuing the Israelites who had attempted to take their city. In the margin, "the quarries" is given instead of Shebarim (Josh. 7:5).

Meta. Shattered hopes (breaks, ruins, breaches).

The Israelites, after their entrance into the Promised Land and their great victory at Jericho, had given room to a covetous thought (in the person of Achan; see Josh. 7). Thus they experienced defeat at Ai (the heap, a heap of rubbish, and signifying egotism and self-confidence without recognition of Spirit) and were very much discouraged. Their way out was to admit their error and put it away from their midst. The same lesson holds good to us individually. If we allow covetousness, a too strong seeking after outer demonstrations of wisdom and substance, to enter into our higher, truer consciousness (Israelites), our spiritual vision will become dimmed and we shall be conscious of defeat until we cleanse our thoughts and desires of the error and put God first in our life.

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