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Metaphysical meaning of Sharar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sharar (mbd)
Sharar, sha'-rär (Heb.)--turning about; twisting together; cord; sinew; muscle; navel; strong; hard; firm; pressed together; oppression; affliction; treating as an enemy; hostile.

"The Ararite," father of Ahiam. This Ahiam was one of David's mighty men, and a member of his guard or council (II Sam. 23:33). He is called Sacar the Hararite in I Chronicles 11:35.

Meta. An active thought of strength, firmness, and order (strong, hard, firm, navel; the order faculty in the individual is located at the navel). The definitions of Sharar, as a whole, bespeak a great need of more love, cooperation, and harmony. These seem to be attained in the son Ahiam. (See AHIAM.)

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