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Metaphysical meaning of Seneh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Seneh (mbd)
Seneh, se'-neh (Heb.)--thorny; bristling; thorn bush; pointed (thorny) rock; bramble bush; thorn rock.

A rocky crag that was on one side of the pass by which Jonathan and his armor-bearer went over into the garrison of the Philistines and killed many of them (I Sam. 14:4).

Meta. The fear that causes one to think that he dare not undertake to overcome and to drive out of his consciousness those error, sense thoughts of opposition to Spirit that the Philistines signify. Two rocky crags, Seneh and Bozez, separated Jonathan from the Philistines; Jonathan had to pass them in order to enter the Philistine camp and smite the Philistine host. Even so the fear that one cannot and dare not lay hold fearlessly of all the good that is in Christ for one, and deny away every error, opposing thought and activity in mind, body, and affairs, must be dealt with and overcome before one can gain a real victory over one's lesser self and enter conscious union with one's higher self, the Christ.

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