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Metaphysical meaning of Ruhamah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ruhamah (mbd)
Ruhamah, ru-ha'-mah (Heb.)--softened; soothed; pitied; finding mercy; inner warmth; inner glowing; compassion; tenderness; love; bowels; womb.

A symbolical name given to Israel (Hos. 2:1; margin, "That hath obtained mercy").

Meta. A consciousness of forgiveness. True forgiveness includes the cleansing away of one's sins, or shortcomings (that hath obtained mercy). True forgiveness is more than just pitying some one and then letting him go on in his old bondage to error and inharmony. True, divine forgiveness releases one from his errors and hence saves him from further inharmonious results of previous error thinking, talking, and doing. In Ruhamah we find the activity of the brooding mother love that God bestows upon His children: mankind and the higher ideals of each individual consciousness.

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