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Metaphysical meaning of Rimmon-perez (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rimmon-perez (mbd)
Rimmon-perez (A. V., Rimmon-parez), rim-mon-pe'-rez (Heb.)--pomegranates of the breach; breaking up of substance; high cleft; substance of defeat; exalted wrath.

A place where the Children of Israel camped when in the wilderness (Num. 33:19).

Meta. A breaking up of the substance idea in consciousness; breaking into its parts, or analyzing, the power to make fruitful (pomegranates of the breach, breaking up of substance, high cleft). This breaking up takes place so that true ideas of fruitfulness, of increase of substance and life, may find a lodging place in the mind. Taken in a negative sense this analysis would be of the outer thought and would bring about lack of success and supply (substance of defeat), but from a positive standpoint it leads to greater good.

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