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Metaphysical meaning of Regem-melech (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Regem-melech (mbd)
Regem-melech, re'-gem - me'-lech (Heb.)--friend of Melech; associate of the king; royal friend; regal color, i. e., purple.

One who was sent by the captive Jews in Babylon to Jerusalem to inquire of the priests there concerning fasting, and other things (Zech. 7:2).

Meta. A thought of power that is related to and in association with the will faculty in the individual (friend of Melech, associate of the king, regal color, i. e., purple, purple representing power and the king representing the will). This thought perceives a higher ruling power for man than the human will, even the divine law, and it seeks association with that also (royal friend, one who was sent to Jerusalem from the Jews in Babylon to find out more about the statutes of Jehovah).

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