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Metaphysical meaning of Pithon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pithon (mbd)
Pithon, pi-thon (Heb.)--opened; enlarged; expanded; open-faced; openmouthed; open-minded; ingenuous; childlike; harmless; persuaded; enticed; deluded; deceived; seduced.

Son of Micah, a Benjamite, and descended from Saul through Jonathan (I Chron. 8:35; 9:41).

Meta. An open-minded, receptive, childlike phase of thought. If guided by Spirit and thus led unresistingly into Truth, it is good. If guided by personal willfulness and selfishness, however, (Pithon was descended from Saul, who represents the personal will), delusion and error will be the result.

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