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Metaphysical meaning of Pelonite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pelonite (mbd)
Pelonite, pel'-o-nite (fr. Heb.)--a separation; a distinction; definite; distinct.

Designation of Helez and Ahijah, two of David's warriors and members of his "guard" or "council" (I Chron. 11:27, 36). In II Samuel 23:26 Helez is called "the Paltite." Helez the Pelonite was the seventh captain for the seventh month, over the Ephraimites (I Chron. 27:10).

Meta. The thought activities that are symbolized by Helez and Ahijah set apart to do a specific work in the consciousness in behalf of the rule of divine love--David (a separation, a distinction, a certain one, definite, distinct; see HELEZ and AHIJAH).

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