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Metaphysical meaning of Ozni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ozni (mbd)
Ozni, oz'-ni (Heb.)--Jah hears; giving ear; hearkening; hearing; weighing; attending; pondering; considering; sharp; acute; pointed.

Son of Gad, and founder of the family of the Oznites (Num. 26:16). In Genesis 46:16 he is called Ezbon.

Meta. An influential thought, belonging to the power faculty in man (Gad being the son of Jacob, and of the tribe of Israel that symbolizes the faculty of power in the individual), that is of an attentive, obedient, hearing attitude of mind (giving ear, hearkening, hearing). When man considers and lends his power toward making himself attentive and obedient to the things of Spirit, he will be heard of Jehovah (Jah hears) and his consciousness of power will be greatly increased.

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