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Metaphysical meaning of Oholibah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Oholibah (mbd)
Oholibah (A.V., Aholibah), o-hol'-i-bah (Heb.)--tent in her; my tabernacle is in her; her tabernacle; temple in her.

A symbolical name given to Jerusalem (kingdom of Judah, here) by Jehovah because she played the harlot in departing from the true God and worshipping the idols of the heathen nations about her (Ezek. 23:4). In margin, "My tent is in her."

Meta. A letting in of worldly thoughts by the inner, higher consciousness of the individual, that has known and loved and worshiped God (Jerusalem; my tabernacle is in her, temple in her). Thus error ideas become mixed with the true ones, and so the individual in his inner consciousness departs from the purity of spiritual understanding and comes into an adulterous state of mind, a state of mind partly true and partly false.

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