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Metaphysical meaning of Nimshi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nimshi (mbd)
Nimshi, nim-shi (Heb.)--drawn out; extricated; extracted; chosen; rescued; saved; revealed; Jah reveals.

Jehu, either the son or the grandson of Nimshi, was anointed king over Israel (I Kings 19:16; II Kings 9:2).

Meta. The awakening of the individual to the understanding that error rule must be denied away and Truth must be affirmed and restored to its rightful dominion throughout the consciousness (drawn out, extricated, extracted, rescued, saved, Jah reveals). Jehu is the executive power of the I AM, or Jehovah, acting upon this new understanding that Nimshi signifies. Jehu means the self-existent One is He; Jehovah is He. Jehu, upon his being anointed king in place of Joram son of Ahab, destroyed the whole house of the wicked King Ahab and took the throne of Israel for himself (II Kings 9 and 10).

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