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Metaphysical meaning of Misrephoth-maim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Misrephoth-maim (mbd)
Misrephoth-maim, mis'-re-photh-ma'-im (Heb.)--burning waters; burning of waters; hot waters, i. e., hot baths; fiery waters; poisonous waters; venomous waters, i. e., venom of serpents.

A place in the hill country of Palestine, near Sidon and Lebanon, or at least mentioned with these places (Josh. 11:8; 13:6). It is thought by some to be the same place as Zarephath.

Meta. The carrying away of impurities, errors, poisons, from the consciousness and organism by the cleansing waters of denial. During this process of cleansing, while errors and impurities are being thrown to the surface and eliminated, they may be much in evidence--the individual for a time may appear to be more sinful than he was before. This is suggested in the meanings poisonous waters, venomous waters, i. e., venom of serpents. The thought of fiery heat, in the meaning of Misrephoth-maim, also bespeaks a close association with the deeper purification of man's spirit by fire. (See ZAREPHATH.)

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