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Metaphysical meaning of Mishal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mishal (mbd)
Mishal (A.V., Joshua 19:26, Misheal), ml'-shal (Heb.)--digging out; hollowing out; searching; seeking; finding; questing; questioning; asking; beseeching; entreating; demanding; imploring; supplicating; begging; praying.

A city of Asher that was given over to the Gershonite Levites (Josh. 21:30).

Meta. The central idea expressed in Mishal is prayer, an earnest seeking after God and Truth. By means of its great and sincere desire for light and overcoming, this group of thoughts (Mishal) comes to the Israelites (true, higher thoughts), and then is given over to the Levites, the natural religious tendencies of the individual, for further upliftment.

For any real elevating of the consciousness to take place in us, true religion must enter into our thoughts; spirituality must be recognized by us as the base of all our inner faculties and powers. This is the significance of the fact that many cities of the various tribes of Israel were given over to the Levites who had no special possessions of their own in the Promised Land, but lived among the other Israelitish tribes.

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