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Metaphysical meaning of Meshelemiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Meshelemiah (mbd)
Meshelemiah, me-shèl-e-ml'-ah (Heb.) --whom Jehovah repays; whom Jehovah makes whole; Jehovah recompenses; Jah completes; friendship of Jah; peace of Jehovah.

A Levite. His son Zechariah was porter of the door of the tent of meeting, in Saul's and David's reigns (I Chron. 9:21). He is named, with his sons, in Chronicles 26:1, 2, 9, also.

Meta. A natural religious tendency belonging to the love faculty and performing a definite work in the consciousness (a Levite who, with his sons and some other relatives, had charge of the east gate of the Temple in David's reign). This thought perceives the law of health and perfection (whom Jehovah makes whole, Jah completes), also the law of giving and receiving, sowing and reaping (whom Jehovah repays, Jehovah recompenses), and is in harmony with the indwelling Christ (friendship of Jah); it therefore experiences great peace (peace of Jehovah).

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