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Metaphysical meaning of Me-jarkon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Me-jarkon (mbd)
Me-jarkon, me-jär'-kon (Heb.)--waters of greenness; verdant waters; yellowish waters; golden waters; pale waters; limpid waters; clear waters; transparent waters. The ancients did not make so fine a distinction between colors as we do. The idea in Me-jarkon embraces a range of colors that extends from the greenness of grass to the yellow of gold, and gold itself. A thin sheet of gold held up to transmitted light is green. In reflected light it is yellow.

A city of Dan (Josh. 19:46).

Meta. Thoughts of wisdom, of understanding, and of rich substance. (Yellow is the color that represents wisdom; gold also symbolizes substance and wisdom. Green bespeaks verdure, substance. Clear waters, transparent waters, also bespeak a clear, clean keenness of understanding and of vision.)

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