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Metaphysical meaning of Makkedah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Makkedah (mbd)
Makkedah, mak-ke'-dah (Heb.)--pointing; marking; selecting, i. e., for excellence; place of shepherds; place of herdsmen; herdsmen's place.

Five kings were fleeing from Joshua. They hid in the cave at Makkedah, and were killed and buried there by Joshua (Josh. 10:16-28).

Meta. The consciousness perceiving through discrimination, judgment, the true spiritual quality of man's inner life, strength, and substance (marking, selecting, i. e., for excellence, place of herdsmen, place of shepherds). Thus the subconscious life and strength, or seemingly animal forces, are lifted up by the I AM, and transmuted into higher and more spiritual expression, while the Carnal, error thoughts that have ruled them are put away (Joshua killed the five heathen kings and buried them in a cave at Makkedah).

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