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Metaphysical meaning of Lo-ruhamah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lo-ruhamah (mbd)
Lo-ruhamah, lo-ru'-ha-mah (Heb.)--not soft; hardened; unsoothing; irritating; unloving; not merciful; without pity; not favored; not having found mercy.

Hosea's daughter by his "wife of whoredom," Gomer. This daughter was symbolically named Lo-ruhamah to show that the Lord would not longer have mercy on the house of Israel, though He would still have mercy on the house of Judah (Hos. 1:6, 7).

Meta. The seemingly forsaken-by-God state of man's outer religious thoughts and activities (the house, or kingdom, of Israel here refers to the outer or conscious mind, while Judah refers to the inner or subjective consciousness) when man has, because of repeatedly breaking the law of God through willful disobedience, found himself apparently unable to lay hold of the saving, forgiving, healing, protecting, guiding power and presence of the Spirit of truth. When he gets into that state he must for the time being reap the result of his errors in sorrow and affliction--go into captivity.

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