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Metaphysical meaning of Kibzaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kibzaim (mbd)
Kibzaim, kib'-za-im (Heb.)--grasping with both hands; folding in the arms, i. e., as a shepherd or reaper; two gatherings; double congregations; two heaps.

A city of Ephraim that was given over to the Kohathite Levites (Josh. 21:22). In I Chronicles 6:68, Jokmeam is given in place of Kibzaim.

Meta. A group, or assembly, of thoughts of unification, of appropriation, of fruition. This group is doubly large and strong and comprehensive (two gatherings, double congregations; grasping with both hands, folding in the arms, i. e., as a shepherd or reaper) because it is activated by and unified with both will and love. (This city was allotted to Ephraim, who represents the will; and it was given over to the descendants of Levi; Levi represents love.) (See JOKMEAM.)

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