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Metaphysical meaning of Kadmonite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kadmonite (mbd)
Kadmonite, kad'-mon-ite (Heb.)--of the East; Oriental; primeval; prototype; ancient; eternal; unchangeable.

A nation in Palestine at the time of Abraham (Gen. 15:19); ancient Canaanites.

Meta. The Canaanites signify the elemental life forces of man's organism. Kadmonite (primeval, prototype, ancient, eternal, unchangeable) refers to the very essence, source, beginning of all life, which is God, Spirit, the foundation principle of the life energy that animates man and the universe. Of the East points to the within, the center of man's being, where he comes into conscious touch with Spirit, with the inner life. Being named among the tribes in the land of Canaan, that later had to be overcome by the Israelites, the Kadmonites bespeak error, carnal thoughts about life.

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